Freelance editor


I am available for line- or copy-editing projects of any size. I have 15 years of experience in both of those categories, having worked at newspapers and a digital advertising agency.

I am well-versed in both Associated Press Style and Chicago Manual of Style, as well as American and British English. I love what I do, and I will do everything possible to ensure your copy is error-free. Please feel free to contact me regarding rates.

You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

“Lisa is the rarest of all copy editors–a technical master and a master storyteller. She can rewrite an ineffective headline or turn a story’s weak conclusion into a compelling climax just as easily as she can spot a misplaced comma or dangling modifier.
“She has a unstoppable drive to hone her skills, so it is no surprise that Lisa is comfortable with multiple style guides and can shift quickly from one style to another. She edits fiction, non-fiction, instructional copy and recipes with the same level of excellence.” — Autumn Kindelspire