Losing Weight, the Hard Way

There is no easy way to lose weight. I mean, sure, you can get a stomach virus and be miserable, but the weight will come right back when you feel better.

Or you can do it the hard way, and train.

October 9 2016

This was me, Day 1 of the Diet Bet. I was fat and unhappy, and I had just learned my weight put me in the “obese” BMI category.

In October, I participated in a Diet Bet. In order to win, you had to lose 7% of your body fat in  a month. On the second-to-the-last day, I didn’t eat anything. I was 2-1/2 lbs. shy of winning, so I figured I would go for it and fast.

It worked. I was starving, my body hated me, but it worked.

Then I gained back half the weight within a week. How did I lose most of the 7%? I walked at least a mile a day. That was all.

But it wasn’t enough.

When my friend M suggested we start a Couch to 5K program together, I agreed. We both wanted to lose weight and get healthier. And “look like women who run and eat salads.”

Well, the C25K program is now over, and I still do not look like a person who runs and eats salads. Because that program wasn’t enough.

Jan. 14, 2017. The hair is an out-of-control lion's mane, but there's real progress here. Somewhere.

Jan. 14, 2017. The hair is an out-of-control lion’s mane, but there’s real progress here. Somewhere.

But here’s the thing. I feel better. I feel healthier and happier, and my clothes are bigger, even though I’ve not even lost 10 lbs. from where I started. My body is changing, even though the numbers on the scale aren’t.

I have goals for this year. Big ones. I want to run 312 miles (which is really only 6 miles a week). I want to lose at least 20 lbs. And I want to buy a farmhouse. Two of those three will likely come true.

I’m using the family of Runtastic apps to get me in line. Runtastic for logging runs and creating running programs (I bought the Premium edition when it was on sale, so I can create intervals). Runtastic Results for strength training. And Runtastic Me to keep everything organized.

I’m only two workouts in on the Runtastic Results program, so I can’t judge its efficacy yet. And next week, I start the Weight Loss running program on the Runtastic app. It’s a 22-week program that should lead to some results. As much as I would have loved to start this week, interval training left me with shin splints. Sigh. One week off for me (and modified weight-bearing exercises)!

Here’s what I know: My butt is smaller, and so is my waist. Not a lot, but I’ll take what I can get. I’m still eating most of what I want, which includes the potato chips, Buffalo wings and whatever else on occasion. Because if I take away all the things I love, I will quit.

I’m on a roll now. There’s no quitting. It’s time to take back my body.

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