Fabletics Review or How I Get Workout Clothes for Less


Fabletics Lionel outfit, with Lisette High-Waist Leggings and Malina Midi Sports Bra

I have been a member of Fabletics for a couple years now. But I don’t buy outfits at full price. I don’t buy monthly. In fact, I buy outfits very rarely. I make sure to skip that month’s outfit by the fifth every single month.

So why stay a member and not just cancel? Because they have AMAZING sales. We’re talking up to 80% off about twice a year. That means I can get fantastic workout pants (because, really, I buy those more than anything else) for less than $13. You can barely get poor quality workout pants for that price at your local TJ Rossalls.

Here’s the deal. You sign up for Fabletics, and they usually have a first-time subscriber deal going on for, say, your first outfit for $10-$20. Awesome! You usually get a top and pants for that price, or you pay a little more and get a three-piece outfit. Then, you’re on the hook for $49.95 every month UNLESS you skip by the fifth. If you skip, you are free to skip again for as long as you want. I’ve been skipping for literally a year. Then they offered a coupon, so I got an outfit. Then they had a sale, and I went a bit crazy. I’m currently at VIP Gold status, and I’m not sure how I got there (except that I’ve given them more than $100 in the past two years).


Fabletics Polaris pants

Now, quality. Is it worth it? Absolutely. I was just in a running store and checked out a pair of Brooks capri running pants, and the material felt identical to the Salar pants I bought from Fabletics. Now, not all Fabletics clothing is created equal. Some of the pants are white on the inside with a print painted onto the outside, and I feel like I’m stretching them a bit and making the white color show. Blech. But those are my camouflage pants and a zebra print. No big deal. Other pants are freakin’ magnificent. We’re talking serious compression AND comfort. Who knew that was possible.  The pants at right are Polaris, and they are fleece-lined and holy crap comfortable. I could wear them forever and ever. Plus, they keep my butt warm on cold runs.

Look, I’m not thin. I have cellulite. The last thing I want is for my thigh dimples to show. And I have not had that problem with a single pair of Fabletics pants / capris / crops. They compress all that cellulite together and make your legs look flawless. Awesome!

I also don’t love most of Fabletics’ shirts. They like to assume that you won’t need to wear a bra, what with their cutout designs and often sheer fabrics. But, sorry, I am NEVER running without a bra on. Ouch. They make a couple tanks that have built-in bras, but those are hard to find. They need to work on that.


Fabletics Emmy Sports Bra II

As for their sports bras, you just have to read the description. Some are little more than bralettes. Others are full-on hold-you-in-without-giving-you-uniboob awesome. The one at right is zip-front and absolutely wonderful. It’s comfortable and doesn’t chafe, which is key in a sports bra, if you ask me. Now, I also mistakenly ordered a sports bra without looking at the back, and now I have a bra with a hoodie. Seriously?

Overall, I’m really impressed with Fabletics. How impressed? Don’t tell the fiance, but I own 13 pairs of Fabletics workout pants. THIRTEEN! Sure, maybe that’s excessive. But I do hate doing laundry, so there’s that.

I recommend getting in on Fabletics, then immediately setting a reminder for the first of every month to skip the full-price outfits. Wait for the sales. You won’t regret it.

**I am not a Fabletics affiliate, but the link above is my personal share link, and will give me Fabletics credits. Feel free to just go to Fabletics.com if you would prefer.**

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  1. amariaspen says:

    fabletics has a great variety of yoga and workout clothes. I recently made purchase from fabletics.com. Their customer care team are friendly and responsible. Their price are normal although have a great opportunity of saving with coupon code and deals during holidays and festival offers.

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