Le Tote Subscription Box Review, Nov. 23

11-23-2015 3-10-03 PMI’ve lost track of how many Le Tote boxes I’ve received now. But I can say that I still love opening it every time!

This box was a bit different from the rest because, as you can see above, it contained SIX items! Let’s just say that it’s a result of excellent customer service.

The box before this one included a shirt with elastic cuffs. But one of the elastic cuffs had given up (the quitter!), and I wanted to make sure no one else ended up with the slightly damaged shirt. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a location on the site that listed a “report a problem” option. I ended up having to email them to make sure they knew about the shirt (though I suppose I could have pinned a note to the offending shirt itself to let them know). They not only apologize profusely for sending me a damaged shirt, they let me know that they would also be including an additional item in the next package.

So, voila! An extra shirt!

Again, they’ve done a great job with my personal style. Only two items were from my “closet” on the site, and those were both jewelry. I also am horrible with my own style and hated the bib necklace. Really, really not me.

The first item was labeled as a tunic dress, but I’m not a fan of dresses this short, even with leggings, so I just tucked in the front and wore it as a top. Worked out great!

The only item that didn’t fit was the black shirt, which was strangely tight around the bustline. No big deal. Not everything can be a winner.

This box goes back today, in the provided postage-paid bag. I can’t wait to see what they send me next!

Le Tote is a monthly subscription box dedicated to fashion. Think of it like the Netflix of clothing and accessories. For $49 a month, Le Tote sends you three articles of clothing (tops, skirts, dresses or pants) and two accessories. You wear them and send them back (and don’t even have to wash them!). They will send you as many boxes for that $49 a month as the post office will allow. As soon as you send back your items, they will ship out another set. I managed to get three boxes in a month, though I’m sure four is possible.

Le Tote boxes include a postage-paid bag for you to ship your items back. I’ve stuffed the bag in the mailbox, scheduled a pickup and dropped it into a blue post office box to return it. It’s pretty simple to return it.

This post contains affiliate links. In the Meantime pays for this subscription.

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