A Cleaner Face … With Oil?

Meraki Cleansing Face OilAbout six months ago, I received Meraki Cleansing Face Oil in one of my subscription boxes. I couldn’t even tell you which box it was. And for six months, it has sat in my medicine cabinet, unused.

Until last night. Even my normally oily T-zone has been dry lately, so why not?

I figured I’d just go for it. There’s a reason that Meraki made this cleansing oil, right? It must work, right?

I followed the directions on the bottle, using one dropper full on my face. I then placed a warm washcloth (okay, it was a hand towel because I couldn’t seem to find the washcloths) on my face for a minute. Then I wiped my face off completely with the same towel.

My face felt great! Not greasy at all! Chris thought I was crazy at first, then mentioned that it made sense since that’s what the Romans used centuries ago as a cleanser.

How does the oil-cleansing method work? The good oils bind with the bad oils and all get removed at the same time. Yes, that’s my unscientific explanation. I’m an editor, man, not a rocket scientist!

Wellness Mama offers several suggestions for which oil to use for your type of skin. Obviously, I just used what was in this bottle. It contains lavender- & chamomile-infused grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, and essential oils of lavender and neroli.

Now, if you know me at all, you know I’m not going to spend $20 on something I can make myself. So once this bottle is gone (because I also try not to waste anything), I will make my own cleansing oil, one that is best-suited for my skin.

I love the idea of blending olive or grapeseed oil with coconut oil to create a cream (which I read in the comments on Wellness Mama). And I’ll likely add a bit of tea tree oil to another bottle for that one week a month I tend to break out. Actually, selling two bottles (one for clear faces, one for breakout times) as a set is a great idea!

This method can eliminate the need for a moisturizer after washing, but I’ll wait and see. A weeklong visit to Michigan, with the cold climate and drying furnace heat, could determine my plan of action.

Do you use oil for cleansing? What do you use, and how well does it work for you?


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