Taking Time to Write

Monkey-typingI haven’t been posting as much lately, I know. But I’m still here.

I’ve been spending a lot of my time writing instead of … writing. Sure, it sounds like the same thing, but I was recently bitten by the fiction bug again.

When my dad died eight years ago, I’d been working on a story for almost a year, but then I found I couldn’t write anything. Nothing would come from these fingers. I had to focus solely on editing other people’s words and forget about my own.

I think writing here, in this blog, has helped me a lot. I realized my words are still my own, and they still flow freely. They’re not all good, and some are just plain terrible, but it’s all trial and error anyway, isn’t it?

Another huge factor in helping me get my words back is reading the Harry Potter books again. I never stopped reading this whole time, but nothing has been able to keep my attention as well as these JK Rowling books. I’m not even sure why – I don’t write about wizards or broomsticks or even big bads, but it makes me want to write my own story.

My favorite part of writing is being able to skip around as soon as I get stuck on a scene. I’m sure not everyone writes like that, but it helps prevent writer’s block, and it helps me realize that maybe there’s a reason I wrote myself into a corner there, that maybe it was the wrong direction for a character.

So for now, I’m focusing most of my time on Jack and Sarah. I vow to not neglect the blog, but maybe you’ll only see me once or twice a week for a bit. And maybe, eventually, you’ll see my name in print.

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