Plated Subscription Box Review

We’ve gotten about five boxes from Plated now, skipping every other week. We started with three meals a week, then went down to two. Each costs $12 per plate (so two meals for two people is $48, plus $6 shipping). If you buy three or more meals per week, shipping is free.

First of all, I take horrible food photos. I can’t say I put any effort into the photos because by that point, I’m freakin’ starving and just want to eat it, not stage the thing!

So far, I love everything about Plated. The ingredients are fresh, the box keeps everything amazingly cold, and the recipes are all new and exciting (to me). But because I just *need* to know about other options, Chris and I are trying out Hello Fresh this week.

I can say already that I prefer the options for Plated. Plated gives you seven meal options (some of which are vegetarian) plus two premium choices for an upcharge. Hello Fresh gives you five options, and two are vegetarian. Since we chose the 3-meal plan, we really aren’t getting any options at all. Yes, we could try vegetarian, but we both prefer meat in our dinner.

I’m sure I won’t keep subscribing to food deliveries forever, but I do have to say that this service has made a huge difference in my life. It’s not just because I’m eating healthier, either. I’m learning all sorts of things from these subscription boxes. I’m tasting new foods and even becoming a better cook.

That’s what’s most amazing to me – I’m cooking these meals and learning that I can do this on my own. I’m discovering that sesame oil is absolutely delicious, especially on roasted Brussels sprouts. I’m finding out that I actually like Brussels sprouts – and turnips and so many other foods I’ve never really eaten.

I feel much less limited in what I can cook now. Most of my cooking ability was limited to the oven or crockpot. Now I can cook chicken on the stove top and not worry about undercooking it. I can reduce a huge amount of greens to a teeny-tiny pile of nutritiousness. And I can even make my own spaghetti sauce (though finding really good tomatoes to do this is a bit more of a challenge).

I can do it. And Plated has helped me a lot along the way.

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