Le Tote October Subscription Box Review

10-9-2015 11-13-44 AMAnother week, another Le Tote box!

This box was a huge hit for me. The first item I pulled out of the box was a shirt I’d gotten last month and asked for a re-send. I think it took maybe five weeks for it to appear in my box again. Love it!

The blue short-sleeve shirt was the only miss this time. It didn’t fit, so that was a bummer. But I rate everything I get, and Le Tote stylists take that information and make adjustments to future boxes.

The red dress was freakin’ fabulous! It fit perfectly, and hugged my curves in all the right ways. I didn’t have anywhere to wear it, though, so I ended up wearing it around the house, just feeling glamorous.

The earrings were cute, but I only wore them once, and the bracelet looks just like several other bracelets I have (though with completely different colors).

As you can see, every item Le Tote sent this month was from “my closet.” I do have a lot of items picked out, so there was very little curation this time on their part. They do pick out the sizes, however, based on how past items fit me.

Overall, I LOVE the quality of clothing in these boxes. I’m so used to having to wear camisoles or tanks under tops because they are so thin. In this case, only the tops that are meant to be sheer need tanks. Absolutely nothing else has required layers. It’s a welcome change.

Le Tote is a monthly subscription box dedicated to fashion. Think of it like the Netflix of clothing and accessories. For $49 a month, Le Tote sends you three articles of clothing (tops, skirts, dresses or pants) and two accessories. You wear them and send them back (and don’t even have to wash them!). They will send you as many boxes for that $49 a month as the post office will allow. As soon as you send back your items, they will ship out another set. I managed to get three boxes in a month, though I’m sure four is possible.

Le Tote boxes include a postage-paid bag for you to ship your items back. I’ve stuffed the bag in the mailbox, scheduled a pickup and dropped it into a blue post office box to return it. It’s pretty simple to send back.

How is Le Tote different from other clothing subscription boxes?
Stitch Fix is another clothing subscription box service. It’s $20 a month, and they will sent you a box of five items each month. You can choose to keep those items and pay for them, at a discount, or you can return them. You cannot wear them then return them. All items are new with tags. Le Tote’s items do not come with tags, because you are meant to wear them, or borrow them, and send them back. You have the option of keeping items by just holding onto them when you send back the items you’re not interested in. You could be the first wearer of an item, or the 10th.

Golden Tote has two subscriptions available. The $49 option sends you 2-3 articles of clothing, and the $149 tote sends you 5-6 pieces. You can choose to keep the whole tote or return the whole thing – you can’t keep individual pieces. The cost of the box is the cost to keep the items – there are no additional fees if you choose to keep them. If you choose to return the items, you will be refunded the money you spent. You choose one or two items you love, and Golden Tote will fill the rest of the bag based on your preferences.

Personally, I prefer Le Tote because I think it’s the best value. You get about 15 items a month (based on how long you keep boxes), and you never have to wear the same thing twice.

This post contains affiliate links. In the Meantime pays for this subscription.

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