How-To: Zombie FX Makeup

This is my friend Nicole. She’s usually a beautiful woman. This weekend, I made her look like this for a zombie bike pub crawl.

This zombie makeup was my first attempt at making latex appliances. They were just blisters, but I made them the day before by creating puddles of latex on a sheet of stainless steel (from a sign … it was all I could find that was smooth enough).

The blisters peeled of easily and stuck quickly to the still-tacky liquid latex I applied to her face. She had four patches of liquid latex – forehead, both cheeks and neck. After I applied the latex to her face, then the blisters, I opened up portions to create a popped blister effect.

I was attempted to open a hole on her left cheek when the latex stuck to itself, creating a deep scar effect. It was a surprise, but it worked very well!

I then outlined all of the open blisters with black eyeshadow, and shaded all of the open blisters on the inside with black, paying close attention to the inner edges to provide depth. Then I went over the black with a dark pink shadow.

Zombie FX

This was my trial before working on Nicole’s face. YOu can see a bit more detail here.

For the popped blisters, I made a very rough circle about 1/4-inch away from the wounds with a reddish-purple lipliner. This does not blend well on top of the latex, so you really have to work it after you make the outline. I used an eyeshadow brush to rub across the lipliner pencil, then blend the outlines outward. That helped create a bit more depth to the blisters.

After that, I went through with Graftobian Blood Paste and filled in the blisters very lightly with a brush, trying to avoid the very center.

At that point, the blisters were done, but the rest of her face needed some blending. I went over most of it with a light brushing of blush to create pink skin, then did a very light coat of the blood paste – which I wiped off on a paper towel first. I wanted a hint of color, and no extra blood.

Then there are the grubs. I ordered those on Amazon and cut them off at an angle so the ones on the right side would appear to be emerging from her face. The one on the left needed a bit more coaxing, though. What I should have done is cut a hole in the center of the blister before applying it. That would have made it much easier. Instead , I had to pull it up while it was attached to her face, being careful not to pull it off completely, and cut a hole with cuticle scissors. I do not recommend doing what I did. But after I created the hole, I used latex on the end of the grub as well as the bottom of the blister to attach it.

So now she was all nice and gory … but didn’t quite look zombie enough. So I brushed a mix of black and brown eyeshadow all over her face and neck, in random patterns. On her neck, I stuck with an up and down motion to highlight tendons.

To highlight all the blisters, I added a dab of white creme makeup to the center of all of the blisters, innies and outies. If you add to much, you can always go back over it with the blood paste.

Finally, I brushed purple then pink eyeshadow across her lids and under her eyes to give them a sunken appearance, and took black eyeliner to her lips, drawing lines outward. Then I took her outside for some good blood spatter with blood spray. Unfortunately, the sprayer broke on mine and I had to dip the end into the blood and just splash her a bit.

And that’s it. My first zombie makeup of the season!

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