Tuggs Towel Clip Review

Photo by Norbert Nagel

We’ve all been there. You arrive at the pool ready to claim the best lounge chair with your beach towel. You drape it over the back, arrange it so it’ll be smooth behind your back and legs.

You take a seat.

And the towel falls over your shoulders.

You twist and turn, trying to get it to stay while you’re sitting there, to no avail. Every move just makes it flop right back down.

If you’re lucky, you can tuck it into the top corners and it’ll stay. But you’re rarely that lucky.

Enter Tuggs Towel Clips.

Tuggs grab hold of your towel and keep it in place. It’s a bungee cord for your beach towel. 

I really could have used them on my trip to the Bahamas. I eventually just gave up on getting my towel to stay behind me.

My fiancé, Chris, is using these in between beach visits now. He keeps a towel draped over his truck seat because he’s often wet after a long day of irrigation tech calls. He was using a very elastic headband previously, but it wasn’t enough tension to keep the towel on the back of the seat.

He loves the Tuggs clips. His only complaint is that the bungee is not as rigid as he’d like, so it has quite a bit of give. It still holds the towel up well.

Personally, I like the alligators on the clips. It’s a cute touch that would be great for kids, too. And the clips are easy to squeeze, so children wouldn’t have a difficult time using them.

And, bonus, you can use the clips to hang up your wet towel or swimsuit once you get home!

I received this product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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