Memories Taken From Computers

This is pretty much the computer I had. Thanks, Wikimedia Commons, for having photo. Note the disc drive.

As part of the Great Purge of 2015, three old computers were brought to the surface. Two were laptops that had fried motherboards and one was a desktop that was born in 1998 and never updated.

Basically, they were toast.

I could have tried to revive them. Sell them. Something. But they were old and full of sensitive things like my Social Security number and oh so many memories.

Memories like:

  • Countless term papers from college, on topics like Pre-Raphaelites in Literature and Art; The Effect of the Holocaust on Women; and The History of the Anishinaabe in Michigan.
  • The story I wrote about rival teenage gangs and car races and plummeting off a cliff. (Too much Rebel Without a Cause as a kid.)
  • The story about a man bitten in the woods by a vampire while trying to rescue a damsel in distress. (Before vampires were all the rage!)
  • The horrible, depressing poems I wrote about my tragic life. (In retrospect, I was being just a bit dramatic.)
  • The just-post-high-school journal entries that I wrote on the computer instead of the paper journal because it was so much faster, about boys, boys and more boys.

Instead of trying to recover those memories, I asked Chris to take the computers apart and destroy the hard drives. I figured he’d enjoy taking a sledgehammer to them. Who doesn’t like to break things?

But rather than pulverize them, he added them to our burn pile, full of mail we couldn’t recycle.

And yesterday, I got this message:

I was surprisingly relieved. No sensitive information to be found by identity thieves.
And no chance of me strolling through memory lane and attempting to revive long-dead subjects.
I still have story ideas, though most remain in my head, and I no longer write poetry. For now, I’m sticking with short-form writing, using this little piece of Internet real estate to share my life.
The new, external hard drive has 1 TB of memory available. It’s time to forget the old, burned memories and start creating fresh new ones.
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