Madame Ladybug August Subscription Box Review

The August Madame Ladybug subscription box has arrived. In September. This will be my last Flo Control box from the company. I paid $15 a month for the service that delivers period supplies along with treats and pampering gifts.

Why will this be my last box? It’s not just that they’re a month behind on boxes (because it was oh-so-lovely to get a Fourth of July box in mid-August), it’s also because their prices are incredibly inflated.

The value of this box is rated at $51.13.


Leaving out the necklace entirely, the value of the box is $18.14, which is fine for a $15 box. I’m getting my money’s worth. What bothers me is the unbelievably inflated price of the necklace. It feels cheap, so I tried to find it online. I don’t know if Madame Ladybug was overcharged for the necklaces, or if they’re trying to pull a fast one.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 6.28.16 PMBut here’s what I found on Amazon. These lockets are identical to the one I received. They do not come with the chain on Amazon, but I know from buying chains myself that those are rather inexpensive. So let’s say the pendants cost a dollar each (which is on the high side). Add the chain (I’ll go high with $2), and you have a $3 necklace. Certainly not a $33 necklace.

So the overall value of the box is $21.14. Still a good value, but NOT what they’re trying to tell everyone.

I had the same issue with the trinket last month – an Eiffel Tower keychain (in a Fourth of July box?) you could buy on Amazon for a fraction of their inflated price.

While it’s fun getting subscription boxes, I’ll stick with Bonjour Jolie for lady boxes. Their pricing seem more accurate and their snacks aren’t readily available in any vending machine.

My suggestion for Madame Jolie is to be more honest in the pricing, and to admit that they are so far behind on boxes that they should to skip a month to catch up, rather than continue to send last month’s box out late.

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