Le Tote Subscription Box No. 3

le tote closetMy third Le Tote box has come and gone. For the first time, one item didn’t fit. But it happened to be the one item I picked out myself after nixing one of their curated choices. But I only did it because I knew I had no place to wear a tight red dress this week.

I also didn’t like the bracelet, but up until sending day, that item was supposed to be a ring. No big deal – I just didn’t wear it.

As for the rest, I loved them. The necklace was a lovely coral color and fit in well with my vintage style. I was most surprised by the red shirt. It looked so … weird, and I was sure it would look even weirder on me. I was wrong. But then again, that’s kind of what this subscription box is for – to introduce me to new styles.

There wasn’t anything in this particular box that shouted at me to buy it, or really anything that I was so in love with that I wanted again. It was a nice wear-it-once-then-send-it-back box.

Le Tote is a monthly subscription box dedicated to fashion. Think of it like the Netflix of clothing and accessories. For $49 a month, Le Tote sends you three articles of clothing and two accessories. You wear them and send them back (and don’t even have to wash them!). They will send you as many boxes for that $49 as the post office will allow. As soon as you send back your items, they will ship out another set. I managed to get three boxes in a month, though I’m sure four is possible.

You can choose to keep items simply by not sending them back, and you will be charged for that item, at a discount. If you really like something but don’t necessarily want to buy it, you can choose “RESEND THIS PIECE” in the My Totes menu, and they will resend it in a future box.

Would I recommend it? Absolutely. It’s an interesting little box, and trying out new fashion without any commitment is great fun!

This post contains affiliate links. In the Meantime paid for this subscription.

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