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Dresses, skirts, retro, chic, feminine, contemporary, womens, custom, clothingAll dresses should come with pockets.

It’s such a big pet peeve of mine – I’m wearing a dress and now I have to carry a purse everywhere I go, even if I just want to carry my phone, because there’s nowhere to put anything. Sure, I could stuff my phone and ID and money in my bra, but pulling that stuff out in public? No thanks.

Then I stumbled upon eShakti.

I was searching for dresses on Amazon, and saw so many dresses that were just my style made by this one random company, eShakti. So many vintage-looking dresses, so beautiful. So I bought my first eShakti dress on Amazon. I knew it had pockets, but imagine my surprise to find it also had bra strap keeps! No more tugging on my bra straps to keep them on my shoulders. Love.

So I checked out the site.

Six dresses later, I’m still hooked. I’ve felt like an advocate for the company ever since. Every dress is high quality, and if the fabric is thin, it’s lined. Not a single one of the dresses below was see-through. All have high-quality zippers and beautiful seams.

You can order your size (which you can also base on your height, so you tall and short women have nothing to worry about!) at no extra cost, or you can order based on your measurements for just $7.50 more. That’s what I do now. I have a long torso, so I fudge my height just slightly so the waist falls in the right spot, too.

Also for $7.50, you can change the dress in a number or ways. Each dress offers different options, but many let you change three things – sleeves, length and neckline. Some only offer one of those, but you’ll know when you start shopping.

I often change the dress length to hit right at my knees. And will almost always alter cap sleeves to be half or 3/4 length. I try not to change the neckline too much, because that’s often why I like a dress in the first place.

Shipping is currently $11.95 (though I paid $14.50 in the past), and takes about 12 business days to arrive. It is shipped by DHL, so you do have to be home to sign for it (or miss the first delivery, sign the paper left by the driver, and get it the next day if you’re not home).

I absolutely ADORE eShakti. I not only bought my wedding dress on the site for $76, my bridesmaids will also be getting their dresses there, customized to their tastes.

I check out the site at least once a week to see the new arrivals and to see what’s on sale. There’s almost always a sale, and I don’t usually spend more than $50 on a dress (the wedding dress was an exception).

Recently, eShakti started making pants as well. So for you ladies who have a difficult time finding pants that fit, try it out. Far cheaper than having pants tailor-made, but that’s what they end up being – customized just for you.

Unfortunately, the site seems to be best viewed on a tablet or smartphone right now. They recently changed to a responsive design (which adjusts based on your screen size), but now it’s difficult to see a full dress on my browser (at least on Firefox). So keep that in mind.

I hope you like eShakti as much as I do. Right now, I’m off to do some shopping.

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