My New Favorite Tweezers

Look. There comes a time in every woman’s life when thick granny hairs make their presence known. They pop up on your chin, mocking your not-quite-old age. If you’re really lucky, long before this time, your mom will have asked you with help to tweeze her granny hairs. So you have experience at the ready.

You will soon be the proud owner of your favorite pair of tweezers. Yes, you will have a favorite. And you will mourn when they disappear, as they inevitably do. (What? You have a splinter? Don’t you dare touch my favorite tweezers! Use the cheap pair. Suffer!)

By the way, I can now admit that my mom’s favorite tweezers worked so well that I might have accidentally absconded with them one year when I was home from college. I’ve since lost them, sadly.

So when the opportunity arose to buy these Classic Necessity tweezers at a discount in exchange for my honest review, I jumped on them. Not literally. Ouch. But I did buy them, wondering if they would be good enough to replace my cheap teal pair that work halfway decent.

These tweezers are magnificent. Seriously. They grabbed even the shortest hairs and pulled them right out. Hair after hair. No misses. Perfect. They are sturdy and feel good in your hand. Far thicker than those cheap ones I mentioned earlier.

Are they worth $13.33 (the list price as I write this)? Absolutely. Your smooth, granny-hair-free chin will thank you.

All opinions are 100% my own.

Note: My chin didn’t literally thank me – it can’t speak.

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