My First Le Tote Subscription Box

One of the joys of losing weight is that you get to start a whole new wardrobe. But one of the downsides is that you’re transitioning to different sizes throughout your journey, which could mean that beautiful blouse you bought today will be too big a month from now.

Enter Le Tote.

Le Tote is a clothing subscription service, kind of like Netflix for your wardrobe. For $49 a month you get three articles of clothing and two accessories sent directly to your home. Shipping is free both ways. You can wear the items as many times as you want, then send the whole package back for a new set of items. If you really like something, you can buy it at a bit of a discount. As an alternative, if you like an item but are ready to send the rest back, you can choose to have that item redelivered.

The contents of my first box

You start by selecting your style and adding items to your closet. My first Le Tote box contained four items from my closet and one item curated for me.

The results?

I am in love with the orange patterned top. It fits great and is super comfortable. Unfortunately, it’s $58 to keep, and I don’t love it quite that much. I will be checking the “redeliver” button.

The necklace is also great. It’s a beautiful turquoise color that actually complements the orange top well, though I think it would look even better with a solid-color top.

The earrings are cute, but not something I’m interested in keeping.

The dress was a meh, but it was my own fault. I have several Old Navy dresses that are very similar to this jersey knit one. It’s hard to tell in the photo (and I couldn’t tell when I chose it), but it has a bit of a pattern as well.

I also didn’t like the top that was chosen for me. In theory, it’s cute. In practice, it’s a mess. The zipper didn’t lay right over my chest and bulged out weirdly. The leather trim on the sleeves caused them to be too tight on my upper arms. It was also rather sheer.

Three hits and two misses. Not bad. The best part is I can send them all back immediately and they will send me my next box. You can get as many boxes as shipping time (to you and back) allows each month.

The best part of this service, at least for someone who hates laundry, is you don’t even have to wash it. Take it off, pack it up, and sit tight and wait for your next box to arrive.

Is it worth $49 a month? I think so. I’m going to keep using it as long as my weight keeps changing.

If you’re interested in Le Tote, you can use this link to get $25 off your first box. Full disclosure: The links in this post will give you $25 and me $15. If you decide you like it and want to refer your friends, you’ll get the same deal.

In the Meantime paid for this box.

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