enviHome Salt & Pepper Grinder Review

I love new, fancy things. When I saw a relative had these huge, cool automatic salt and pepper grinders, I was envious … until I found out they take more batteries than you can buy in a single pack.

No thanks.

When I came across the salt & pepper grinder by enviHome, I was curious. First, I was intrigued that it was salt and pepper in ONE container. When you live in a 900-square-foot house with three dogs, space is at a premium. Cutting out even a single salt shaker is essential.

I like the hourglass shape of it, and the fact that there are so many adjustments you can make for smaller and larger grinds. On salads, I like minuscule pieces of pepper, but on steak, especially on the grill, give me bigger chunks. For salt, tiny pieces are great for most thing, but I like big pieces of salt on things like edamame.

Yes, it’s manual. Yes, you have to use two hands to grind the seasonings. But it does a great job of grinding down the salt and pepper. Right now, mine is full of black peppercorns and gray Celtic sea salt. It’s sitting nicely on the back of the stove, waiting for the salmon my fiance is cooking for dinner.

One thing that could be improved would be to include instructions. At first, I couldn’t figure out how to fill it, because twisting it only turned the grinding mechanism. You just have to turn the silver portions just past the grinder to take that part off for filling. Caps on either end would also be great, or at least something to set it down on. If you set it down hard, salt or pepper will come out when you don’t want it to.

Another nice inclusion would be recipes or tips on when to use what type of grind. That’s not something I’ve ever seen before, and would be great for setting this grinder apart.

I think this would make a great gift. It comes in a nice tubular package that would be easy to wrap.

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I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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