Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist

We’re about to get indelicate here.

Let’s face it – there aren’t a lot of options when it comes to getting a really clean bum. You can use antibacterial wipes, sure. But where do you put those when you’re done? Flush ’em or trash ’em? Neither option is ideal.

Why not just flush your wipes? Have you seen the great London Fatberg? Ten tons (or tonnes, if you’re British) of absolute disgustingness full of wipes, sanitary products and … other stuff I can’t mention. (Seriously, Google it to get grossed out.) And these aren’t just the regular antibacterial wipes. These are the ones labeled “flushable.” I suppose to those companies that means that you can flush them. They don’t tend to mention that you shouldn’t flush them.

So where does that leave you? The tiny garbage can in the corner of your bathroom? There are so many reasons why that’s not a good option either. First – gross. Second (and this is even grosser) – my dog loves wipes. Face wipes, butt wipes, whatever. He will eat them.

Enter Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist. You spritz your own toilet paper with this spray, and voila – a wet wipe that’s actually meant to be flushed.

Some tips:

  • Aim well. Otherwise you’ll just end up with a lovely scented hand (which you will immediately wash anyway, right?)
  • Stick with one spritz. Too many sprays will cause the toilet paper to fall apart. No one wants that.
  • Wash your hands. After what you just did in that poor, innocent bathroom? Wash up!

I’m reviewing this product because they sent me free samples in exchange for sharing my honest opinion. They asked, and I was happy to comply.

Here’s what I think – Aquinelle Toilet Tissue Mist is a great idea. But it’s not quite there yet. It would be a great product to sell with specific toilet tissue, like a nice, strong variety. The cheap stuff will not hold up to being sprayed.

It’s not really convenient to take with you. The travel size could stand to be half that size still, in order to fit well into a purse. I’m not taking my suitcase into every bathroom, but  my purse does often go with me.

Aquinelle is available in four scents: Ocean Breeze, Island Mist, Rainforest and Citrus Burst. All four are nice, subtle scents that don’t stick around after you’ve sprayed them, like perfume would be. Individually, they retail for $10 on Amazon. You can also buy all four in travel sizes, but that set is currently out of stock.

Toilet tissue mist is still a great alternative to “flushable” wipes and fatbergs. Just weigh the pros and cons. And think of those poor sewer workers, people!

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