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Note: All updates to this blog post, after two months of use, are in bold type.

It’s been a couple weeks now since I started snagging deals on Amazon in exchange for honest reviews. Look, I write the reviews anyway, so I might as well get a great deal on top of it. I thought I’d share which sites I use and my experience with them so far. There were others I tried but didn’t like, so I’m not going to list them here.

Let me just say that if you already review on Amazon, you’re pretty much set. And if you ever need any kind of supplement (or a selfie stick, heaven help us), you’ll never pay full price again.

Also, they really do mean they want your honest review, whether you like the product or not. I haven’t given one star to anything yet, but I have given two stars. I also like to add what they might do to improve their product. Like the blender could have had recipes or directions on how to use the various blades. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who will just give five stars regardless, so it’s hard to know what reviews to trust

You also are required to add a disclaimer to your review stating that you received the product at a discount in exchange for your honest review.

On most of these sites, they provide you with a coupon code to redeem on Amazon.com. If you don’t have Prime, you might have to pay for shipping on orders that are less than $35. Some do offer Free Shipping not through Prime.

AMZ Review Trader: On this site, you choose up to 20 items you would like to review. The catch is that you have to be approved to review those items. So far, I’ve been approved for only two – CoQ10 and seat covers for Chris’ new old truck. There are some great deals on there and some really crappy ones, so you really have to wade through and sort the products based on what you’re looking for. I started out sorting by price, lowest first. That got me all the free deals. Now I sort by newest first, and skip all those that aren’t at least 80% off. Once you post your review and verify it, a slot opens back up. Occasionally, you’ll have to click on the images to see if the offer has expired. If it has, delete and add other products.
I have now reviewed about a dozen products on this site. AMZ Review Trader is my favorite of all the review sites, mostly because they have so many things to review. I just scored a $29 double-walled stainless 32-oz. water bottle for 99 cents. 
Worth it? Yes.

iLove To Review: This is one of those sites where you fill out your profile completely and they choose products for you. I haven’t gotten any yet, but I’m allegedly in “good” standing. I’m looking forward to seeing if this one pans out.
I’ve reviewed three items on this site now, and have been sent offered for a half dozen more that I wasn’t interested in. I’m not a fan of the passive process. 
Worth it? Meh 

Purchased on
Snagshout for $10.
It’s something I’ve
wanted for a while,
so I was willing to
pay a bit more.

Snagshout: You’re typically allowed to review one item at a time on this site. You’re given a coin to redeem for each deal. After you review your product, you get another coin. Like AMZ Review Trader, prices vary wildly. Just keep an eye on how good of a deal you’d be getting.
I’ve reviewed four products on this site now. They have a lot of offers out there, but you only get to review one item at a time. It’s a slow process, but you can get some decent deals. 
Worth it? Meh 

Giveaway Service: Like AMZ Review Trader, you have to apply to review the deals. However, these products are FREE. There is usually a limited quantity, so you just have to be patient. For some of the products, they also require that you have a blog. I have yet to be approved for anything.
I have been approved to review two products on this site, though I’ve applied for about a dozen. The products are free, so the approval process is a bit more stringent. 
Worth it? Meh 

Reviewer Deals: The most products I’ve seen here is five. Ever. So far, there’s nothing I’ve wanted, but the deals seem pretty good.
This site is no longer active. It has merged with one of the other deal sites.

Dollar Deal Reviews: This is another site where you can only review 1-2 items at a time. You are given 100 Deal Tickets, which “buys” you your deal. You often have to pay $1 on top of that as well. Great site for essential oils and supplements. I haven’t bought/received any deals on this site yet.
There’s not much here, really. I’ve reviewed one product – an eyelash curler. I really don’t expect this site to make it.
Worth it? No 

Home Product Testing: This site doesn’t have the best deals, and it’s next on my list for elimination. I’ll give it another week.
I gave up on it. There are still deals there, but nothing I’m interested in.
Worth it? No 

Purchased four delicates laundry
bags for $1 on Amazing Deals
Group. Finally replaced the one I’ve
had since Girl Scout camp in
my teens.

Amazing Deals Group: Yet another site where you get Deal Coins. They don’t have a ton of products available for review, but the deals are decent. I bought a set of whisky stones for a dollar, and the laundry bags at left, for the same price.
I’ve reviewed three products on this site now, and have one review pending. I received a magnetic screen door for free, and it was something I’ve been curious about for a while. I haven’t reviewed it yet because our back door is broken and being replaced this weekend. 
Worth it? Still undecided

Elite Deal Club: Of all the sites, this one is the most annoying. Yes, the deals are great, and I’ve bought most of my deals on this site. However, you have to be quick. They add products at 10 a.m., and 2 and 8 p.m. The site often gets bogged down and glitchy because of all the users, and the site operators have zero sympathy when that happens. They figure the deals are so good, you have no right to whine about it.
Worth it? Yes

EtekCitizen: This one takes a while for approval. Just scroll down and you’ll see the available products and then a form to fill out. The products here are mostly tech, and they are free. I haven’t seen anything I want yet (because I bought a Bluetooth doorbell a few months ago), but they say they update the products weekly.
I requested and received an essential oil diffuser. It changes color and has multiple settings for how long to diffuse scent. I love it. But they haven’t had anything I’ve been interested in in a few weeks.
Worth it? Not really 

These sites often have a lot of product overlap, and they’re not always the same price. So just keep an eye on what you’re willing to pay for something and realize you might have saved 50 cents on another site.

Almost all of the sellers of products you buy will contact you via Amazon and give you more information on the product and ask for your honest review. They seem to be mostly small businesses who rely on reviews to get the word out on their products. 

I am also a member of several social influencer communities, some of which send me items to review. I’m expecting Nexium 24HR soon, as well as waterproof Band-Aids (Chris is a great guinea pig for this!), Gold Bond lotions, ACT mouthwash and a pain cream. These are mostly products I will review on my blog.

But if you’re the average person who likes to share their opinions on Amazon, the sites above are just what you’re looking for. Are there others I’ve missed that I should be checking out? Please let me know.

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