OxyRub Pain Relief Cream Review


When you’re dealing with aches and pains, you just have to deal with the fact that the smell of menthol is part of your life.

I work out a few times a week, and my knees pay the price, especially on cardio days. They already grind and pop, so a lot of impact doesn’t help. Strangely enough, working the muscles next to my knees is supposed to help with that pain.

In the meantime, I was given a tube of OxyRub Pain Relief Cream to review. Cream is far easier to apply to a bending joint than a patch, which is what I often use on my back on bad days.

In less than five minutes after applying the cream, I could feel it penetrating into my right knee. Yes, it smelled of menthol, but there was another scent I couldn’t place, a sweeter smell. I checked out the product label to find bitter orange oil is the first inactive ingredient. That explained it. It’s definitely far more pleasant than straight menthol. Kind of like orange mint gum.

Fifteen minutes later, my knee is warm and relaxed, and the pain is virtually gone.

I’ll be keeping this handy on workout days. And my fiance, a landscaper, will likely need it even more often than I will.

Learn more about OxyRub Pain Relief Cream here.

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