I’m being haunted by something I thought I could leave behind.


Lazy follows me like a lost puppy dog. Looking sweet and comforting every time I turn around. She is begging me to come back, to settle in, to not move again.

Lazy is lurking around every corner. Telling me to have a seat, to not worry about getting up again. She beckons me to lie in front of the TV and play games on my phone. Lazy tells me that washing my workout clothing is going to take up too much precious couch time.

She warns me that drinking all that water is just going to make me have to get up to pee again.

Lazy pleads with me to give up, to not finish those last few reps, that they’re just too hard anyway. She tells me that I can do those crunches at home later, that I don’t have to do them right now. But then at home, Lazy says, “Eh, you don’t really need to do those anyway.”

She wants me to eat horrible food, to get fatter, to be a couch potato.

I’m fighting her every minute, every single day. She’s a tough one, that Lazy. She tries to tempt me all the time. Sometimes, it’s just too hard to argue with her, and I melt into the corner of the couch.

I will struggle with Lazy until the very end, because she is an inseparable part of me. But I will not let her win. I have work to do.

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