Julep Holo Days Mystery Box 2015


Just opened!

Julep released limited edition Holo Days and Holo Nights mystery boxes recently, for $24.99. I’m not sure if you can still get it, because I can’t find it on the site. But this could help you determine whether you buy their next mystery box.

My box contained four nail polishes, all 5-free, a lip conditioner in sheer pink, and a gel eye glider eyeliner in navy smoke. It also included a small tote bag, which I’m currently using to hold everything from this box and my Bonjour Jolie July box.

Now, Julep said the value of the contents would be $100+. Regardless, I do think it was well worth the $24.99 I spent. I love the polish colors, and the lip conditioner feels great even after you rub it off. It smells nice, too, even though I can’t place the scent. It’s not greasy or sticky, which is important to me.

From Julep: “Julep nail polish is 5-free and vegan-friendly. We steer clear of formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene, DBP, camphor, and animal ingredients or byproducts.” 

The polish (from left)
Cassidy Bombshell: The color is described as “bondi blue creme.” It’s a beautiful teal color and is going to look great on my toes while in the Bahamas soon.

Nayely Bombshell: The color is described as “papaya nectar creme.” The pale orange/coral is perfect for summer. Definitely feels like a creamsicle.

Hallie It Girl: This one is the liquid holographic color that the box was built around. It doesn’t seem to be available elsewhere on the site. I love their holographic colors, and this one will be great for evenings out, which I think is a bit funny since this is the Holo DAYS box.

Shelby Classic With a Twist: This one is considered a “navy ink creme.” It hovers between dark blue and purple, with a hit of black. It doesn’t feel like a summer shade to me, so I’ll save it for winter and/or Halloween.

I love all four colors, and Julep polishes are just nice all around. My new favorite!

I was pleasantly surprised to get four polishes, valued at $14 each.

Gel eye glider
When I first opened this, I thought it was black. Who can’t use more black eyeliner? But the navy blue is actually a fantastic, dark color. It’s like the blackest blue you’ve ever seen. It’s valued at $16. I’ll be testing it next time I go out on the weekend.

Lip conditioner
The Luxe Up Your Lips lip conditioner in sheer pink is great! It’s valued at $24. I like that it gives you a bit of shine without any additional color (at least on my lips).

Ultimately, the value of my box was $101 (the tote bag sells on the site for $5). I might use the bag to take my lunch to work, but that didn’t really add much value for me.

Overall, I love this box! I kind of regret not also purchasing the Holo Nights box, as Julep guaranteed that both boxes would be completely different.

What do you think? Will you order the next Julep Mystery Box?

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