Influenster I Do Vox Box Review

My Influenster #IDoVoxBox has arrived! If you aren’t familiar with Influenster, it’s a product review website that allows you to earn badges by posting reviews and answering questions. Occasionally, they send out free boxes for review purposes if you meet the criteria. Since I’m engaged, the I Do Vox Box was perfect for me!

My VoxBox contained:

  • Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bar (Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough)
  • URGENTRx Ache & Pain Relief (Lemon-Lime)
  • Sahale Snacks Grab & Go (Almonds with Cranberry, Honey and Sea Salt)
  • Indeed Labs nanoblur
  • CoverGirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation (Creamy Natural)
  • CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick (Phantom Pink)
  • Neutrogena Hand Cream (Fragrance Free)
Let’s start with the product I was most excited about, the Indeed Labs nanoblur. It’s a primer that you can wear after you apply moisturizer (with no further makeup), or patted on over your foundation. I tried it both ways. It’s supposed to minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and pores.

With it on top of foundation, I was disappointed. It not only didn’t hide the large pores on the sides of my nose, it seemed to accentuate them! It looked like I had craters in my nose. I could have gone mining in those suckers. Gross!

So I tried it without foundation, which I rarely wear anyway. And it seemed to do the job. The pores on my nose virtually disappeared. It didn’t eliminate the crow’s feet, but it did minimize them. I will definitely wear this on days I want to look great without the weight of foundation.

Next was the CoverGirl Outlast Stay Luminous Foundation. I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t match my skin tone because I’m particularly pale right now. But it blended in well. The foundation is a bit thick, but I can see why it’s called “Stay Luminous.” My face had a nice glow that didn’t look like I was all sweaty. However, I can’t imagine it holding up against Florida summers. It’s too thick for my liking, but something I might use in the winter. In the summer, I try to avoid any foundation.

I was interested in the Neutrogena Hand Cream, because I don’t like lotions. I can’t stand my hands feeling greasy after I apply anything, so I didn’t expect to like the hand cream at all. The consistency and color looked a lot like the nanoblur, with a bit of a Vaseline tinge. I used very little, a dab about the size of my pinky fingernail, and it absorbed quickly and cleanly. It says “fragrance free,” but I’ve found that’s rarely the case. It has a very subtle, clean scent. Definitely something I can use at work without bothering any of my cube mates.

While we’re on the subject of skin and face products, there’s the CoverGirl Outlast Lipstick in phantom pink. Let’s just say this is not my color. I look like I was caught eating cotton candy for a week. Or making out with a Barbie dreamhouse till I took off all the paint. It’s a very bright pink, at least in natural light. Once I moved to a dimmer room, the color improved. This isn’t a color I would wear, but the scent was nice, and it didn’t have a weird taste when I licked my lips. I can’t say whether it lasts all day, because as soon as I took this photo, I laughed and wiped it off. 

I tried the Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar before my workout. It didn’t hold up well during shipping, and chocolate bits spewed out all over my desk when I opened it. I’m glad it was actual chocolate that melts (unlike a lot of other protein bars). It provided a lot of protein and fiber, with only 120 calories. That’s the good news. The bad news is it tasted like every other protein/health bar out there. I appreciate that it’s naturally flavored with no artificial ingredients, so if/when I need a protein bar, this will be my go-to, rather than some others that are filled with ingredients I can’t pronounce.

And then there were the almonds. Let me start by saying that I hate almonds. They’re like dry pieces of wood that suck all the moisture out of your mouth. And when covered in candy coating (I’m looking at you, Jordan Almonds), it’s even worse.

But then I tasted Sahale Snacks Almonds. I was 100% prepared to hand them off to an almond lover (if those people truly exist). But they are delicious! I’m snacking on them right now and keep thinking that I’m going to have to order lots more of these! The honey and sea salt combination is delicious. Just the right blend of savory and sweet. The mix is 100% natural and organic, and I can’t get enough.

Call me an almond convert. I want these in my belly!

Last but not least is the UrgentRx Ache & Pain Relief To-Go. (There is a coupon on their website.)

I’ve tried headache powders before, and they work amazingly fast and taste awful at the same time. I love that this one is flavored. You open the pack and pour it right into your mouth for fast relief. It contains aspirin and caffeine. I haven’t used this packet yet, because I’m not currently suffering from any aches and pains, but I’m sure I’ll need it sometime soon. I’ll update here when I do use it. UPDATE: After a heavy-duty workout yesterday, I was pretty sore this morning. So I poured this right onto my tongue. It was exactly like a really sour Pixy Stick. Like, really, really sour. But, there was no awful, medicine-y taste like headache powders of the past. And I do feel less sore and achy now, so I’d say it works well. Very convenient when you don’t have quick access to water to swallow a pill.

Overall, I love this box. There are some misses, but the almonds alone were enough to convince me. Who knew I could love almonds? The nanoblur will be a getting-ready staple for me, and the Neutrogena hand cream will live on my desk and get used daily till it’s gone. My hands tend to get dry from all the hand-washing (thanks to drinking a ton of water daily), so good hand cream is important.

Thanks, Influenster! I love getting the opportunity to try new products and share their quality. Now, I’ve got lots more almonds to eat.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

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