Graze Subscription Box Review

My first Graze box has arrived! The initial four-snack box was free when I signed up, and I have a code for you at the bottom to get your first and fifth boxes free. (Full disclosure: I do get $1 in my account for every referral.)

When you sign up, you can go through and choose which mixes you might or might not like, by picking Trash, Try, Like or Love. Trash means you will never get that mix. I chose Try on almost every option because you never know what you might or might not like. Plus, Chris and I like different things as far as trail mix stuff goes.

My mix included Gingerbread, Super Berries, Summer Berry Flapjack and Pizza Margherita. Your mix might be completely different.

The Gingerbread mix is 170 calories and contains pecans, ginger fudge pieces, pear and vanilla pumpkin seeds. Chris wanted nothing to do with it, so he didn’t even try it. I’m leery of weird mixes (and this sounded weird), but I grabbed a handful and tossed it in my piehole. It was delicious! Just a hint of ginger, and the flavor in general reminded me of fall. It’s definitely something I want again.

We have not dug into the Super Berries mix yet. But it is 120 calories and contains blueberries, green raisins, goji berries and cranberries. Everything in there sounds great, and I’ll be snacking on it later.

The savory option in this box is the Pizza Margherita mix. It has 120 calories and contains mini tomato breadsticks, basil crunchinis and cheese-flavored cashews. Let’s just say Chris inhaled it. I got the crunchinis (basically, croutons) and a couple of the cashews. The cashews were like nothing I’d ever tried before, and were unbelievably tasty. I want all the cheese cashews! As you can see from this horrible photo, the container was emptied in seconds.

The Summer Berry Flapjack is a chewy granola bar cut into three pieces. It’s 230 calories (which makes me glad I only ate one piece a day) and contains rolled oats, and strawberry- and raspberry-infused cranberries. Interesting. The flavor explodes in your mouth and tastes great. I can see myself eating this in the morning if I don’t have time for breakfast. Far better than any other granola bar I’ve tried.

Overall, I love this box! We have the subscription that delivers every other week, but you can choose every week if you wish. You can also order Sharing boxes, which contain larger packages of some of your favorites.

I can’t wait to see what the next box brings. Want to give it a try? Use coupon code LISAH5RPB to get your first and fifth boxes free.

Have you tried Graze? What are your favorite mixes?

In the Meantime paid for this box.

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