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Recently, I was invited to join Elite Deal Club. They offer deep discounts on products on Amazon.com, typically 85%-100% off. They ask that you review the products on Amazon, but they don’t require it. This link is my personal invite URL. Full disclosure: If you join, I have a chance to get a gift card (which would be nice, but not why I’m sharing this). Note: EDC is not affiliated with Amazon in any way – it’s all through companies that sell on Amazon.com.

How it works
EDC sends you an email in the morning, telling you much of what will be listed on the site at 10 a.m., 2 and 8 p.m. The list isn’t comprehensive; I’ve come across several things that I’ve wanted that were not on the list.

You go to the site at the times above, and click fast. The kitchen products seem to go FAST. Once you click on the product, you can learn more about it, or you can get the coupon code. Once you click the coupon code button, it’ll give you the code and a link to the shelf page on Amazon. Click to Amazon, add the item to cart, then enter the coupon code before checking out. You might or might not have to pay tax, depending on the seller.

It’s important to note that I have Amazon Prime, so I get free two-day shipping. I honestly don’t know if you have to pay shipping if you don’t have Prime. I don’t recommend trying to add a bunch of the items to your cart and paying all at once, because the codes got all convoluted on me.

Amazon did take it upon itself to group my orders together and send in one box.

I’ve read some of the reviews on Amazon that EDC members have posted. And there seem to be quite a few who write glowing reviews. And maybe they did love the products. But it does seem a bit skewed toward positive.

They ask for honest reviews, and I’m not the type of person to write something I don’t believe. But how do you distinguish between real, honest reviews and false positive reviews?

What I’ve purchased, the Amazon price, and what I paid

  • InstaNatural Scar Gel Cream                                       
    $29.95          $1.95
  • Viter Energy Mints
    $15.00          Free
  • Simple Health Food Scale
    $24.95          $3
  • UltaLife’s Libido Enhancer for Women
    $29.95          $2
  • Best Retinol Moisturizer Cream for Daily Facial Use
    $19.99          $0.54
  • someONE Cacao Coconut Coffee Body Scrub
    $12.99          $2.99
  • iPerfect Kitchen Garlic Press
    $17.95          $1.95
  • Create Cosmetics Acne Treatment and Moisturizer
    $24.50          $1
  • iBlason Armor Case for iPhone 5
    $18.99          $1.99
  • InstaNatural Skin Brightening Serum
    $21.95          $2.08
  • serumtologie Daily Facial Moisturizer Cream
    $30.00          $2.95
  • Verity Fitness Silicone Ring
    $17.99          $2
  • Ignite’s 60-Day Fat Burning Weight Loss Diet Pills
    $29.95          $2

Thirteen products in two days                  
$294.16          $22.46

You could argue that I wouldn’t have bought some of that stuff otherwise, and that’s true. But I’ve wanted a garlic press and a kitchen scale (to finally make all those UK Asda recipes I’ve worked on). Those two items alone would have cost what I paid for all 13 products above.

I bought a few things just to try them out, fully prepared to give my honest opinion, whether they work or not. I’m skeptical of the scar gel, but Chris has a pretty big scar on his forehead, and it can’t hurt to try something other than vitamin E.

The libido enhancer … well … I find it highly unlikely that that does anything.  Same goes with the fat burner. I’m working out and getting healthy on my own, and it will be long-term. Diet pills are short-term solutions.

The silicone wedding band could be good or terrible for Chris. I’ve already bought his wedding ring, but it might be nice for him to still wear a ring while he’s digging around in the dirt. However, sand does tend to stick to silicone, so it could just end up being irritating.

So far, I really love the deals I’m getting. I know I went a little overboard in the first couple days buying stuff, but I’m still happy with my purchases. Besides, who doesn’t love a great deal?

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