Bulu Box July Subscription Box Review


My first Bulu Box has arrived!

Bulu Box is a monthly box of “healthy discoveries” geared toward health and fitness. It’s $10 a month with free shipping.

The contents in the July box:

  • BPI Funnbar Protein Candy Chews
  • Martha Stewart Essentials Multivitamin Gummies (full size!)
  • Movit Energy Gummies
  • Nuvia Cafe
  • Ovega-3 DHA + EPA
  • UrgentRX Upset Stomach relief To-Go
So far, I’ve only tried the vitamins, which sell for more than $9 on Amazon. That alone is almost worth the cost of the box. They smell like Flintstone vitamins, but they taste like typical gummies. Pretty good, and I’m sure I’ll use the entire bottle. 
I’ve never tried fish oil or anything full of
omega-3 fatty acids, but I’ve heard great
things about it.
I’m always leery of instant coffee, but I’ll give the Nuvia Cafe
a shot on Monday morning. The Funnbar protein chews
will be great after a workout.
More gummies! Seriously, I’m starting to
wonder if they think I don’t have teeth.
I’ve tried UrgentRX for headaches, and it
worked great, fast. My stomach gets upset
fairly often, so I’ll give this a try then. The
medicinal taste of the other one on my tongue
was a bit startling and sour. It tasted like
an incredibly sour lime pixy stick. Cherry
might be an improvement.

Overall, this box is cracking me up. You don’t need teeth for any of it! Or, because everything in the box can get stuck in your teeth, they’re counting on you not having teeth for long.

I think it was worth the cost of the box, and I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in next month’s offering.

In the Meantime paid for this box.

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