Weight Gain and Loss

Fifth metatarsal, six weeks post-break.

It all started with a broken foot …

Is what I would say, if that were true.

Really, it all started when I got complacent and stopped working on myself. Isn’t that how it often works in relationships? I ate what I wanted. I stopped running. I ate everything on my plate.

I completed the Couch to 5K program. I ran a 5K. I was getting thinner, down to 145. Then I got a case of painful shin splints that made me not want to run. So I cut back from 3-4 times a week, to 2, to 1, to none.

Then I really did break my foot. I’d already gained at least 20 lbs. at that point.

It’s at about 30 lbs. now, possibly 40. I haven’t weighed myself in ages. I’m too scared to step on the scale.

A handy way to get around when your foot
is broken. Not so good for losing weight.

The broken foot (fifth metatarsal, spiral fracture) set me back about three months. Then it was three more months of occasional pain in that bone.

Now I’m all out of excuses.

I’m tired all the time.

My body hurts when I wake up.

My ankles protest when I get out of bed and onto my feet in the morning.

I can’t stand to look in the mirror or have my picture taken.

This weekend, I’ll take a picture in my bikini (the one that still fits), and keep it nearby. I will defeat this weight. And I’ll keep taking photos as I progress. One day, I’ll post those.

One month of physical therapy begins tonight, for a shoulder that’s out of whack thanks to my posture at work.

Chris will be my drill sergeant at home on the days I need to continue therapy.

This weight will go away. I’m shooting for 30 lbs., but maybe, just maybe, I’ll keep right on going.

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