Nearing the Big 4-0

Me, age 39

In less than a month, I will be 40 years old.

I see so many people, both men and women, who fear that number. But that’s all it is – a number. I’ve been told I don’t look 40. (Thanks for the good genes, Mom!) And I certainly don’t feel 40.

Ten years ago, I moved to Florida, with nothing but uncertainty in my future.

Now, I’m editing and loving what I do. I get to copy edit manuscripts and line edit articles. My career dreams are a reality.

Now, I’m about to get married to the man I love.

Now is the best time of my life. And I only expect it to get better.

I’m kicking off my 40th year with a cruise to the Bahamas.

Time to meet this number head on and love every  minute of it.

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