Madame Ladybug June Subscription Box Review

Somehow, I messed up my order on Madame Ladybug and ended up with a three-months’ subscription to the Flo Control ($15 or $18 month to month) and one month of Ultimate Snacks ($12). Shipping is extra.

Madame Ladybug is a time-of-the-month box and includes your choice of tampons, pads or a combination of the two. You can also choose the Sweet Pause box or three choices of snack boxes, none of which contain feminine products.

My two orders arrived in plain brown boxes. I didn’t bother to photograph those. The items inside were covered in pink and red tissue paper, and each grouping of items was in its own cute cellophane ladybug bag.

Flo Control

The two special items, a butterfly
necklace and a flower barrette.

This box included 14 tampons, three pads, two pantyliners, two Scensible bags for disposing of feminine products, two feminine wipes and a packet of Advil.

Beyond the feminine products, it also contained a “sweater necklace” and a barrette. The necklace, according to Madame Ladybug’s Facebook page, is valued at $16, but I found an almost identical one on Amazon for $2.79 (plus free shipping). I’m not impressed with the quality of the necklace, which is very lightweight and smells weird, nor the inclusion of the barrette.

Now for the snacks. The Flo Control box included three teas, all of which sound tasty, as well as Cheetos, Corn Nuggets, Gushers fruit snacks and Quaker cookies.

I am not at all impressed with the contents of the Madame Ladybug June box (which is now sold out, by the way). I don’t think it’s even close to being worth the $15 I paid (plus shipping). If I didn’t have a three-month subscription, I would cancel immediately.

The other thing that was a bit off-putting was the fact that I placed my order on May 21, and the box wasn’t shipped until June 20. The box is supposed to arrive the week before your time of the month, but it seems all boxes were shipped at the same time for everyone. After I messaged them regarding the lateness, they did give me a $10-off coupon code, but I’m not really interested in spending any more money with them. It seems they got overwhelmed by the volume of orders.

Ultimate Snacks

The Ultimate Snack box is supposed to include eight snack items, five teas, a surprise gift, a bonus item and two mystery items.

Let’s start with the snacks. The numbers are there, so that’s great. I like that they included Flamin’ Hot Cheetos in this one, for a bit of variety, but those will go to Chris anyway. There’s a variety of healthy and not-so-healthy, too. I’m a bit leery of the chocolate-covered prune, but we’ll see.

There’s also a good variety of teas. I don’t care so much for Lipton, but I’m looking forward to the other varieties.

The bonus/mystery/surprise items.

As for the other items in the box, I can’t distinguish between the bonus/mystery/surprise items. There’s a makeup sponge, “Tub Tea” for a good soak, eyeliner and brush, and a soap tart.

These all seem like dollar store items to me. The eyeliner has no labeling on it, so I can’t tell what brand it is (and I likely won’t use it anyway). The soap and bath salts both seem to be Madame Ladybug products, so I can’t value those either.

Was this one worth $12 plus shipping? I would probably be more inclined to buy another snack box than I would the Flo Control. You do seem to get more for what you pay. Unfortunately, you can’t subscribe to the snack boxes – those are all on a month-to-month basis.

I hope next month’s box is an improvement over this one.

What do you think of the Madame Ladybug boxes? Do you prefer this one or Bonjour Jolie? Or are there other time-of-the-month boxes that are better?

In the Meantime paid for this box.

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2 Responses to Madame Ladybug June Subscription Box Review

  1. Anita Woods says:

    I ordered a box for my daughter on August 25, 2015 and did not get the box until Sept. 24, 2015. They were so slow and gave me every excuse in the book.

    My daughter loved the box, $39.00. I will not purchase any more boxes from them.

    • seesmarees says:

      I liked Bonjour Jolie a million times better. I think your daughter will like it just as much, and their customer service is far better.

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