I Have a Delivery Problem

Remember when you were a kid and your cereal came with a surprise inside? You couldn’t wait to dig your grubby little hands into that box and grab that toy. Forget waiting for it to fall out into your bowl.

That’s where the seed for my subscription box “problem” started. It’s like that perfectly delightful surprise when you find a ring in your Cracker Jacks instead of a stupid sticker.

I still want to open boxes and be surprised by what’s inside.

But I’m still typical Lisa. I have to research everything to death before I make a decision. I want the most for my money, so I’m not going to spend a lot to get a little.

That prompted me to sign up for Influenster. You answer a ton of questions, post (short) reviews of products, and become an “expert” on certain topics. Staying active on the site increases your chances of receiving a free VoxBox, packed with items to review. I like free (duh), and I’ve been posting reviews on Amazon for years. It was a no-brainer, and I’ll be getting the I Do VoxBox soon (which, of course, I’ll review).

As of now, I’ve tried:
Target Beauty Box: It’s now really difficult to get this box before it’s sold out.
Walmart Beauty Box: I’m not even sure this is still offered.
Glossybox: Not for me. Canceled.
TOMbox: Not impressed. Canceled.
Bonjour Jolie: Absolutely love it. Can’t wait for the box each month.
Madame Ladybug: First box was a miss, waiting to see what next month has to offer.
Fabletics: Despite a shipping problem, the price was right and the clothing was high quality. Will still likely cancel next month. $50+ a month is too steep.
Bulu Box: Got this one for $5 a month with free shipping but it does’t start till next month. The price was right, and the products are perfect for my weight-loss lifestyle.
Graze: This one was also inexpensive, and the first box is free. I will get the first box next month. Chris loves trail mixes, so this seemed like a good fit.
Lick My Dip: Hot sauces for Chris from the UK. Haven’t received the first box yet, but I hope it’s good.
DAILYLOOK Elite: I thought I’d give this one a shot for $20 a month. They send you several items of clothing, based on your profile, and that cost is deducted from any purchases you make from the box. You send back what you don’t want to buy. I’m trying this test out their styling services.

I will always be honest in my reviews. If there’s something I don’t like, I won’t recommend it. If there’s something I love, I’ll share it with the world. But that’s always been my style. (For example, my Fitbit died after six months, so it’s not the best product, but the company replaced it for free, so their customer service is stellar.)

What subscription boxes do you love? Is there a type of box you’d love to have but doesn’t exist yet?

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