Gym Essentials

Let me start by saying, holy cow am I out of shape. Five minutes of rowing nearly wiped out my legs. Sad, really.

But that just means I have a lot more work to do.

The most difficult part so far is getting organized for going to the gym. I like having everything right where I need it to be, and when I’m working out at lunchtime, it’s hard to know exactly what I need to pack in my gym bag.

eCandy Bluetooth earbuds.
They work great!

I have the essentials: shoes, socks, sports bra, underwear, workout pants, T-shirt. I even remembered a hair tie, deodorant and baby wipes (because I don’t know if I’ll have time for a shower at lunchtime). And of course, sweet new Bluetooth earbuds.

The gym has a towel service, so a towel wasn’t necessary. But what am I missing? What is essential to include in my gym bag?

Other things I wonder about: Do I need a foam roller? What about a massage stick? Should I have weights at home?

Are classes better than working out with free weights? Are free weights better than the machines? What about workouts only involving your body weight?

I’ve only had one session with my trainer so far, and he’s going to get me set up on ActivTrax on Monday. That should help with some of these decisions. I need structure to my workouts, and I like to visualize them before I go, even the night before sometimes – it’s what gets me motivated.

I’m sore from physical therapy yesterday and a decent leg workout Monday, so I’ll stick with just cardio at lunchtime today. Time to see if I can still manage to not fall off a treadmill.

Getting my life back in balance isn’t going to be easy, but then again, I don’t want it to be. I like the soreness. I like knowing that I’m doing my body some good.

Now I just need some help with organization.

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