An Addiction to Subscriptions

I always play my music on shuffle. The unpredictability is a bit of a thrill.

Then I skip the next song. And the next. Sometimes the next.

I need new music.

Who doesn’t love surprises, though?

That’s why I started ordered subscriptions boxes. Sure, I could order exactly what I wanted on or some other website, to have it delivered straight to my door, but the excitement fades quickly when you know exactly what is in that box on your doorstep.

Subscription boxes offer that wonderful surprise of getting something new and exciting. Something you didn’t plan to buy but will probably love anyway.

But not all boxes are created equal. (Check out dozens upon dozens of options on My Subscription Addiction.)

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It started with the Target Beauty Bag. It was free, full of tiny samples, and came with a nice makeup case. But if you didn’t jump on it the second it came up, your chances of getting it were slim to none.

Then they started charging $5 for it. I still paid, but trying to get it before it sold out was ridiculous.

I skipped over Birchbox, which seems to be a very popular box. But it was too much sample-size makeup that I rarely used.

I heard about ipsy, but got annoyed when they put me on a waitlist and said I could get bumped up if I shared stuff on Facebook and invited friends. No thanks. I don’t want to be that intrusive. I canceled immediately, and they were very nice about it.

The April 2015 Glossybox. Image
from My Subscription Addiction

Next was Glossybox. I got one box and promptly canceled (unfortunately, I still had another box coming that I had to pay for, but whatever … I didn’t like that one either). Five products, two full size. And I don’t need any more nail polish, thank you very much. Definitely don’t feel like I got my $21 worth from those five products.

Back when TOMbox was called
Swaagbox. Image from
My Subscription Addiction

So I moved on to TOMbox. First of all, this concept is freakin’ brilliant. It’s a time-of-the-month box that comes with your preferred feminine product (or a mix of them), beauty products, food products (usually, but with the heat, they opted to swap those out) and a jewelry item. It’s great to be pampered when you feel like poo! It’s also $21 a month (which includes shipping).

However, I still didn’t feel like I got my money’s worth. I want awesomeness delivered to my door. And candy!

Image from My Subscription Addiction

So I switched to Bonjour Jolie. It’s also a period box, much the same as the TOMbox. You get pampering products, sweet treats, tea and a bonus item (a handmade beaded bracelet this month). Sales this month benefit women in Nepal who have been affected by the earthquake. There was no chocolate (because of that pesky melting thing), but plenty of sweets from Asian countries. This is one subscription I’m keeping. It also included two packets of Advil and two feminine wipes. Perfect!

I ended up ordering another jar of the Bonjour Jolie organic lilac lotion that came in the May box. It smelled so lovely and reminded me of where I grew up in Michigan. I don’t usually like scented lotions (or lotions at all, really … it’s a tactile thing). But this one absorbs fairly quickly and doesn’t leave any weird film on my hands.

I’m also trying out Madame Ladybug, to check out yet another period box. The ordering was a bit funky and I ended up with a three-month subscription plus a treat box. Whatever. I can deal with that. I haven’t heard a peep from them, though, and I ordered the box more than two weeks ago. I should have gotten shipping confirmation by now.

I made the mistake of checking out the My Subscription Addiction site. And by mistake, I mean I was sucked into the utter awesomeness that is that site. It lists hundreds of subscription boxes, and I managed to go through them all, clicking Learn More on the ones that sounded interesting. There are so many geek boxes I’d love to try out, but it turns out I’m not quite geeky enough. I don’t watch Game of Thrones or The Big Bang Theory or Adventure Time. But I do love Firefly and Marvel superheroes and all things steampunk. I’d end up giving away half of the items I got. Which, really, is a great way to gather gifts for upcoming holidays!

Then I felt bad getting myself all these surprise boxes, so I let my fiance, Chris, in on it by ordering him a Lick My Dip subscription box. They deliver hot sauces straight from Britain. Chris can’t get enough hot sauce, and this was really the only subscription box for a laid-back kind of guy who is not a geek.

Now, I’m waiting for coupons and debating on which boxes I must have next. I’ll be reviewing any new boxes I get.

Right now, I’m sticking with Bonjour Jolie. I love that they’re based out of Pensacola, too. It’s almost like shopping local.

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