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Yesterday, I was declared a physical therapy graduate. All my hard work has paid off, and my right shoulder is now as strong as my left. It’s not quite 100%, but it’s close. I still have exercises to do at … Continue reading

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Nearing the Big 4-0

Me, age 39 In less than a month, I will be 40 years old. I see so many people, both men and women, who fear that number. But that’s all it is – a number. I’ve been told I don’t … Continue reading

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I Have a Delivery Problem

Remember when you were a kid and your cereal came with a surprise inside? You couldn’t wait to dig your grubby little hands into that box and grab that toy. Forget waiting for it to fall out into your bowl. … Continue reading

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Veggie Challenged

I love fruit. I could eat grapes, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew and whatever else all day long. Though that’s probably not the best idea. My biggest challenge is getting enough vegetables. It’s not that I don’t like them … I … Continue reading

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Working Through the Pain

I broke the fifth metatarsal, in a nice, spiral fashion.This photo is six weeks after the initial break. Today, just sitting on the couch hurts. My foot is giving me serious pains, and it’s something I have to live with … Continue reading

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Not Your Average Engagement

It’s a spessartine garnet in white gold.Chris and I picked it out and had it made.Together. I am an engaged woman. Engaged in my job, engaged in life and engaged to my best friend. Chris proposed on Valentine’s Day this … Continue reading

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Madame Ladybug June Subscription Box Review

Somehow, I messed up my order on Madame Ladybug and ended up with a three-months’ subscription to the Flo Control ($15 or $18 month to month) and one month of Ultimate Snacks ($12). Shipping is extra. Madame Ladybug is a … Continue reading

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Just the Beginning

Outfit from $20 for three pieces.(The offer is actually $25, but I signed up, didn’tbuy anything, then received a code for 70% offmy first order. I caved.) This is me. Today. Right now. (Okay, a few minutes ago.) This … Continue reading

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Rules Are Hard to Follow

I’ve added a Pebble Smartwatch to help me keep trackof my goals. The Misfit app tracks my steps, my activityand my sleep. I’m testing out other fitness apps, as well. Almost two weeks ago, I made 10 rules to follow … Continue reading

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Summer Bonus Goodebox Review

My Summer Bonus Goodebox has arrived! Surprisingly enough, the products look almost identical to what’s in the box in the picture. First things first, the box cost $20, and mine contained 12 items. One item didn’t include information on what it … Continue reading

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