Just Do It

“Tonight, I’m gonna run again. It might not be pretty, but I have to give it a shot. …”

That was my Facebook post this morning. It was time to be held accountable for my actions, or lack thereof. You’d think that would be incentive for me to get out there.
It wasn’t. 
You’d think the eight people who “liked” my status would be encouragement.
It wasn’t. 
It’s twilight when I leave work now. That means running in the dark. When I left the building, all that was running through my head was “I don’t wanna run.” 
I have all of the excuses.
“I don’t wanna.”
“I’m tired.”
“It was such a long day.”
Four months ago, I went to the doctor initially for a lump on the back of my head and a very sore neck. She took my temperature: 2 degrees above normal. The sore neck faded. The lump never changed. Headaches came and went. I felt run-down. Then I injured my legs while running – shin splints or stress fractures, though I never had it checked out. 
I gave up running. I got lazy.
The lump is still there. So is the fever. 
“I don’t feel like running.”
“I’ll just put on my running clothes, but probably stay on the couch.”
“I don’t have a running playlist.”
“My phone isn’t charged enough to run the Nike app.”
I put on the running clothes.
I made a playlist.
I charged my phone.
Then I went out, taking the 8-month-old puppy with me. He needed exercise, too, after being cooped up so much. 
It was slow. I walked. But I ran more than I walked. Final tally: 1.6 miles. It wasn’t fast. It wasn’t great. Shiner hasn’t quite figured out how to walk nicely on a leash (though he runs great). 
Forget the fever. Forget the lump. Forget everything else. It was hard, but it felt good. I have four months before my next race. I want to run the entire thing. I want to break my personal record.
No more excuses. I might not feel great, and I might walk sometimes when I’m feeling particularly bad, but I’m going to keep going out. Maybe, eventually, doctors will figure out why I have a fever, but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe I just have really hot ears. 
This is going to hold me accountable. 
It’s time to run.
Average Pace time is a bit misleading
since it includes walking/walks.
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