Oops, No Baking Soda

So I ran out of baking soda. And I desperately needed to wash my hair. What did I do?

I resorted to the sulfate-free shampoo. I admit, I’d been missing the lovely lather of the suds. It felt so good. It smelled so good. And I felt like I was cheating on my pal, plain-ol’ baking soda. 
I still used the vinegar solution, and it made my wet hair feel like silk. 
But here is why I’m going right back to baking soda ASAP: The snarls were back with a vengeance. Combing my hair was once again a chore. 
Sham-free is the life for me. (I’m tellin’ ya, I’m gonna make that a thing.)

UPDATE:  Running out of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda was a wonderful problem. I decided to switch to Bob’s Red Mill Baking Soda.

I’ve heard varying reviews on it, with some being annoyed that it highlights the “all-natural” component and that it’s aluminum-free. They’ve said that all baking soda is all-natural, and it’s all aluminum-free. I can’t say I know what’s fact and what’s fiction, but I can say you can actually SEE the difference in this baking soda.

Bob’s Red Mill is finer, has fewer clumps and is … surprisingly … very sparkly. That last bit was unexpected.

I washed my hair with it already, and I expected the results to be better than Arm & Hammer. I wasn’t disappointed. It felt more sleek on my hair. But I don’t know if that’s because of the brand or because the A&H was rather old. I rarely used baking soda before, so I can’t even tell you how long that was in my cupboard.

I’m having one problem with this new hair-washing routine, though: I have static and flyaways like mad. Does anyone have any suggestions for keeping me from looking like I was recently electrocuted?

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