Halloween, the Non-Gory Year

I love Halloween. For real. It’s my favorite holiday. The one night of the year you can be anyone you want. 

364 days of the year, I am mostly an introvert. I don’t like being the center of attention. I wear average clothing, have average hair and rarely wear more than the average amount of makeup (which, for me, is mascara). 
Then there’s Halloween. I love the gory costumes. The ones dripping blood and that are generally just a mess. But my friend L thought I should at least try to be pretty every other year. And she had a good point – of course I can do blood and guts, but why not challenge myself with something less grotesque?
Here’s a smattering of my past costumes. 
Last year, I was Zipperface. (Plus a Zipperleg.)
This is the moment I was finished.
It got so much better at the end of the
night when the fake blood started
peeling off. 
Lots of people were far more disgusted
by my leg. It’s much easier to do makeup
when you don’t have to look in the mirror
to get it right.
In 2010 (I skipped out on 2011 due to a sick pet). I was a WWII nurse. I have had a vintage white seersucker nurse’s dress for several years. I just looked up how to do victory rolls in my hair, and that was that. Easy costume, yet it looked pretty good. 
In 2009, I was a dead hipster. Summer scarf got caught in the gears. 
Sadly, my homemade shirt that said
“Ironic” is hidden beneath the scarf.
And, like usual, I felt the need to peel the grossness
off of my face before the night was over.
I make my own fake blood with Elmer’s school glue and food coloring. I like it because it dries and doesn’t end up all over everything.
The hat with some feathers from Michaels.
The bustle is my bridesmaid’s dress from
my sister’s wedding, and I made the
wristlet from leftover ’80s dress material.

My favorite pic of the evening.
In 2008, I was a Victorian lady. Most of the costume was from Goodwill, like the ’80s dress I cut into just a top and the ’50s pink prom dress, complete with a train. I cut off the ruffled sleeves and turned them into my super-fancy hat. 
And now this year. I wanted to do something steampunk. I bought the goggles. It had been seven years since the last time I wore a corset, so I bought a new one, one that was a bit more steampunk. That was all I had in mind for months. Then, steampunk soldier sounded great. 
But, bleh. It wasn’t enough. It wasn’t me. And somehow, Mehron metallic powder appeared in a search on Amazon. 
This, along with the mixing liquid,
is the bomb. Totally awesome stuff.
The metallic powder alone just looks like shimmery eyeshadow. Nothing spectacular. But add a liquid, it’s a totally different story. I didn’t get the liquid immediately, so I tried it with rubbing alcohol. It looked great, but it also started flaking off in about 5 seconds flat. Too dry. 
The mixing liquid made all the difference. I also bought barrier spray for when it was finished, to prevent more flaking. 
Mixing the powder and liquid together looked like I just made mercury. And if you were wondering if it contained actual copper, the green on the sponge the next day gave it away – oxidized copper. Glad I only wore it for a few hours.
Oh, so, the costume. Steampunk robot. I didn’t test out my plan before the night of. So I’m happy it all worked out. 
My inspiration, from Pinterest.

And the final result: 

Robot selfie.
The NERF gun was my
favorite part. I painted it
and added gears, etc.
Unfortunately, it was barely

The most time-consuming portion of the costume was twisting my hair. I have a lot of hair. Oh, and I had no hair gel, so I used aloe gel. It worked great! The makeup itself took about an hour. I applied the copper two different ways – patting, as was suggested, and wiping. Wiping worked FAR better with much more even results. Then I used black eyeliner for all the outlines and rivets. I used A LOT of eyeliner. 

And removing it? It was actually fairly easy with just soap and water. This makeup was so much fun that I can’t wait to do it again.
Next year is the gory year, but I’m not sure what I want to do. I bought a few things at an estate sale this past weekend that might be perfect … but who knows if that’s what I’ll go with. I might start with a great idea months in advance, but last-minute is so much more fun!
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