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Have you heard of the website It’s full of great deals on all sorts of random things, like silicon pot lids, knives clothing and sheets (plus baby and maternity stuff, but I don’t shop for that).

I gave it a shot, just to see if it was for real or a scam site. Yes, it’s one of those you have to sign up for in order to see the deals. Don’t worry, signing up won’t leave you with an inbox full of spam. However, it appears that ORDERING something will. Just keep that in mind and prepare to upgrade your spam filter.

I ordered this dress. I cannot express how much
I love it and how comfortable it is. Worth every
cent of the $34.99 plus shipping.

That’s not to say it’s a terrible site. The deals really are great. I’ve bought three articles of clothing already with no problem. Shipping isn’t free, which is a bummer, so you have to take the cost of that into account. However, I recommend ordering one thing, then later in the day ordering whatever else you want, because after you pay once for shipping, it’s free the remainder of the day (and sometimes the rest of the weekend).

Also, shipping isn’t fast. Don’t expect to buy something today and get it this week. Or next week. Maybe you’ll get it the week after. Maybe it’ll be a month. But you will, eventually, receive your item.

They also don’t do returns, unless there is damage to the item. What if it doesn’t fit? I recommend starting an eBay account and trying to sell it there.

But this isn’t all about Zulily. This is about Zulily inspiration. See, they had this Tassimo coffeemaker on there, the kind that has T-discs (kind of like a Keurig, but you can also make lattes and everything else ever). It was half-price and listed for $59.99. I debated. Mostly because, if it’s selling for so cheap, are they going to stop making it?

Then I remembered Craigslist.

This is my new coffeemaker. Too bad it’s
currently missing that little pourspout thingy.

And that’s where I bought a nearly new Tassimo brewer for $25. Okay, so it’s currently missing the thing that pierces the pack, but the seller assures me he will find it in his storage tonight or tomorrow morning. And if he doesn’t? I can buy it on Amazon for $13. STILL cheaper than the one on Zulily.

Now every time I see something I really want on Zulily, I head over to Amazon or other sites to check on how much of a deal it truly is. Honestly, you can buy almost anything you want at next to nothing if you have the patience to wait for it.

Also, I highly recommend estate sales. But that’s a post for another day.

UPDATE: The missing Tassimo part has been found and it all works great. And the Gevalia Cappuccino is delicious!
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