Run Away

“I. am not. a runner. Ouch.”

That was my Facebook post one day last week. A day after I had attempted a version of Wii Fit running. That would be running in place. I ran in place for 10 minutes because my Fitbit told me I was low on steps. 
I got the steps in. But I was definitely not running. Not really. Plus, my living room is really boring.  But outside? It was sooo beautiful and the weather was perfect! Why not give it a shot.
But I’m not delusional. I know running in place is not the same as running in the real world. I knew it was very unlikely that I would be able to run for 10 minutes out there. 
So I googled Couch to 5K. I knew others had tried it. Some failed, some succeeded. And lo and behold, there’s an app for that. Of course there is. There are actually MANY. But this is the one I chose: 
You start with a 5-minute warm-up, then alternate between running for 1 minute and walking for 90 seconds. The entire program is 30 minutes each training session, three days a week. 
So I tried it Saturday morning. 
Ouch. I definitely had the wrong shoes. Not enough cushion. My shins hurt, but not shin-splint bad. I stretched after. And then … then HOLY COW DID I HAVE ENERGY AND WANT TO EAT EVERYTHING EVER. I wanted to keep moving. I wanted to never slow down. And sleep?! Who needs sleep?! Just kidding. I was finally able to slow down and sleep. Eventually. 
I was slow. I was sweaty and gross. And I saw two hot guys on my disgusting run attempt. Of course. This neighborhood is usually full of couples and old people. Until my face is the color of a cooked lobster’s ass and I’m sweating profusely and smell terrible. Of course.
But I did it!
And this morning, I woke up early (not on purpose, but that’s what I wanted), and took on Week 1, Day 2. Same program. And I only wanted to give in once, at the midpoint running interval. But I powered through and made it with no problem.
Am I a runner? Today, I say yes. Because I’m moving, because I got my ass off the couch and pushed myself. Okay, so maybe I’m more like a jogger, but I’m giving it a shot. And no one even had to chase me to get me running. 
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