Progress: Complete!

I got VERY behind in posting. Buuuut. Here is the end, in photos.

The tub arrived! One man, one dolly, one 300-lb. bathtub. There was a bit of a struggle, but he managed.

Then three men finagled the beast of a tub through a narrow hall and got it in with no problems! The contractor put cement board around the tub and covered the subfloor with it as well. Also, knowing I only had one bathroom, they set the old toilet back in place (but not bolted on) after every step. You have NO IDEA how wonderful this was. I only had to run to Walgreens twice for bathroom needs. And I showered at the gym for a week. but that was all. Not too bad.

Then it was my turn. All painting was up to me. I chose this sea foam-ish green.

It’s a bit bright.

I loved coming home from work to find progress. This was my only evening without a toilet. I love the floor, and it was only $1.79 a square foot. I only needed 20 square feet. Told you – tiny space.

And the subway tile. I absolutely LOVE IT. The gray is perfect. The subway tiles made all the difference. I was starting to actually believe this was MY BATHROOM!

My favorite part of the shower surround: a shampoo alcove. It’s on the left wall, opposite of the shower head. The tile guy was freakin’ amazing, cutting all the tiles in the alcove and window frame to a much smaller size. It was a very nice touch.

Making do with the old shower curtain rod. Note the silver area in the middle – that’s how much space I gained in my bathroom! I figure it’s about 2 inches (given the fact that it should be sitting on top of the tile). So my bathroom grew! That’s what happens when you don’t use wallboard topped with an inch of plaster.

I have a new toilet! It’s a bit odd-looking, but it fits the space well (with room to spare). It uses 1.28 gallons per flush. Significant improvement over the 3.5 GPF the old toilet used. Unfortunately, I’ve already had to use a plunger. I didn’t even own one because the old toilet never backed up. Sigh.

The curtain. Yay for Target!

The fixtures. All the faucets are Moen, and the tub and sink are Koehler. The toilet is Delta. The tub fixtures are by far my favorite.

The medicine cabinet. 20×12. The 20″ part fits perfect over the sink, while the 12″ portion overlaps the toilet a bit. It’s the perfect size.

The lock. It’s a little more significant than the one they sell in Home Depot, and I love how the part that pops out also flips up to use as a finger hold to open the door once it’s tucked into its pocket.

Pocket door.

Now you didn’t think I could have my bathroom completely renovated perfectly, did you? Of course there had to be a hiccup. This is that hiccup.  When the plumber was sweating on the pipe, he “slipped.” A lot. And scorched the wainscoting. Now, if this had been wood wainscoting, I could have just painted over it. But it was vinyl. And it melted.

The contractor tried to fix it by replacing the board below that line. Unfortunately, the board above was also a bit scorched, and the replacement board he used wasn’t exactly the same color. I wasn’t happy, but I was reluctant to say. After all, he was a friend of a friend. But he knew I wasn’t happy, and he wanted me to love the bathroom. So he came back yet another weekend and replaced the whole area. It was PERFECT.

And last but not least, I LOVE the interior of the medicine cabinet. It’s like it’s lit inside. It’s just perfect. The entire bathroom is exactly what I wanted. Now I’m just gonna take up residence in there.

Ta-da! Complete with the curved shower curtain rod (Moen). I love the wainscoting – I think it really improves the look and cuts down on the brightness of the green. I accidentally painted the ceiling an off-white, but I loved the contrast against the white trim. Like Bob Ross said, it was a “happy accident.”
The finished product: 
Before. This was when I first moved in, and the
PAINTED floor tile wasn’t yet all chipped up.
After. I am so very happy.
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