Progress, Week 2

Not a whole lot of time to blog when you’re supposed to be working on demolition. I’m a bit behind on the demo work at this point, though, but I blame the bathroom itself, and right now I’m blaming the pedestal sink that has pipes so inset that I’m finding it impossible to remove the P trap. Grr. But at least I got the water turned off!

I’ve had some help, from my friend and co-worker L, and my friend C can’t seem to stop himself from taking a hammer to the walls. Here’s the progress for now, mostly in photos.

Left-hand wall, which has very little electrical in it. so L and I
went to town. Note the skinny wallboards on the inside wall.
Bathroom is made of those wallboards coated with plaster
that varies in thickness from 1/4-inch to a whole inch.
Needless to say, the walls are not uniform.
Found in the wall behind the tub. I also intend to put some
newspaper in the walls, and maybe the next renovation will be
almost exactly 20 years later, too. Hoping to find more newspaper
so I at least know what paper it is. Also, this is the year I
graduated from high school.
Look at all the paint colors! White was last, obviously, off-white
before that. And green. And brown. And that’s just the hallway
side! In the bathroom, I’ve found white, peach and RED.  I’m
relieved the bathroom wasn’t all wire mesh, like at right. That’s
just in the corners so far. 
Behind the currently stuck sink. That hammer at the bottom
has been my saving grace. Excellent for prying and beating
the crap out of the walls! The sink gets to be a receptacle for all
the dirt and dust.
Oh, look, half-assed fixed! This framed-out hole held a recessed
medicine cabinet at one point. A very small medicine cabinet.
Also, that’s a 2×4. Note that there’s about 2 more inches behind
that of empty wall. Yeah, I have no idea why. But those two inches
could make a difference in my tiny bathroom.

The next steps will be taking out the sink (if I can figure that out). Lemme tell you, I got HALF of that P trap separated, and eww. The smell is … repulsive. 

What else? The dust and debris is epic and everywhere. I’ve kept my bedroom door closed, but it doesn’t help much. And the amount in my hair was disgusting. It made my hair feel like straw. When I washed it, it still felt like straw. So I used Chi Organics Olive Nutrient Therapy Paste as a mask all over my hair. I can’t believe the difference. That’s one thing that’ll stay handy throughout this process. I have long hair that I need to keep nice for at least a couple more months, when I intend to donate it to Locks of Love. This is important to me. Any other suggestions for keeping my hair looking great would be much appreciated. 
I’m looking forward to pulling down the walls surrounding the bathtub. I’ll still be able to use it after I put up the plastic sheeting the contractor (who I’m still waiting on a bid from) recommended. That’s where I expect to find the mold, and I’m ready to eradicate it. Go, Kilz!
Tip of the day, courtesy of C: Tape over the tub drain to prevent debris from going down. 
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