Progress, Week 1

This is what happens when I spot a flathead screwdriver just laying around. I knew there was a loose tile or three near the toilet, and I just couldn’t help myself. It was time to let the nasty, painted floor tile go … or, you know pry it up with my bare hands.

This portion was all done with the screwdriver. Then my friend asked me what I was doing (because, uh, I’d been waiting on him to be ready, so I entertained myself), and then went and got a couple proper tools for me – a pry bar and a hammer.

I went to town on that nasty floor.

The result of about a half hour of work:

Oh look, they laid the tile directly on plywood! And that nice panel by the doorway actually had some kind of paper or felt backing on it, which MOLDED. Also, the spot in the right corner next to the tub is rotted through. Don’t attempt to stand there. Oh, and that’s moldy, too. So is a spot by the toilet.

No big deal, right? Sure, it might not be good for the average person, but not a huge thing. Except that I’m allergic to one thing: MOLD. Usually I only have to deal with the problem when I ingest it (you would not believe how much food contains mold, but that’s a different topic), but this time I was breathing it.

So I bleached the crap out of the floor. Bleach kills mold, yes, but there are better options out there, I believe. But the smell remained. The damp, musty, old smell. I took a Benadryl and went to bed. And I woke up with a snot fountain for a nose.

Fine. Bathroom 1, Me 0. I debated what to do next. Scrape the floor then paint it with the Kilz I’d used once before in a closet? Sure, but that was going to send a lot of the mold airborne. Then I discovered Kilz spray paint. You know how much I love spray paint. Look out, Banksy, you’re gonna have some competition!

I also bought a mask for the painting portion. And had the fan running. And the window open. It’s all about ventilation, people.

The result:

Definitely not pretty. But it’s just a temporary measure. I’ve had three contractors come out so far and one ridiculous, overpriced estimate come back. Thanks, but you’re nuts.

I’ve now covered the floors with two old bathroom rugs. It works for now, so I don’t have to step on the mortar.

Then I got help taking down the cabinets. I transferred all the bathroom stuff into the guest room (which is really just a huge closet right now), and I’m getting down to the bare bones. Note to the right the peach color of the bathroom before. Also note that there was a recessed medicine cabinet at one point. I’m also amazed that they did manage to paint between the two cabinets without getting paint all over either one.

And are you ready for the best part? My bathroom walls are now bleeding.

No, really. I discovered this after a shower:

Redrum, anyone? 
Who wants to buy a house? 
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