Non-Progress, Week 3

Well, absolutely nothing new happened in the bathroom this week?


You try to decide if you should replace a working air conditioning unit for $4,500 for the sole purpose of having a bigger bathroom. Yes, that would be the only reason.

Let me explain.

My bathroom is right next to a closet (that at one point held coats?) that holds the air handler. The air conditioner is 14 years old. Before this AC was installed, there was no central air in this house. Eek. Just a reminder, this is FLORIDA. It is disgusting in the summers here. The final contractor to come in suggested that the current AC unit could be moved into the attic. “Ooh,” I thought. “What a brilliant idea!”

So it’s $1,400 to move the current AC into the attic. In case your wondering, a 14-year-old AC unit is not exactly a spring chicken. So I could move it … and risk it breaking down. Or I could get a brand new AC in the attic for $4,500. What to do, what to do?

I’ve made the decision to get a new one. Why spend the $4,500 when I don’t need to? Because you can add $3K to that cost if the old one breaks down in the summer,  and I guarantee a catastrophic breakdown will happen during the hottest months. Because if the old one breaks down in the next couple years, I’ll really regret not buying a new one when I could have expanded the bathroom. And because my bathroom floor square footage is currently 20 square feet. Adding that closet DOUBLES the bathroom floor square footage and allows me to get a normal-sized vanity (instead of a pedestal or wall-mount sink). And because I plan on living here for a good long while.

If I have to finance it, so be it.

So right now, I’m awaiting the final quote from the contractor. The bathroom is half demolished so the interior walls aren’t overly exposed to steam from the shower in the meantime. The tub surround remains intact. For now. The second I find out when the contractor can start, I’ll tear down the last of it. And find more rat’s nest material and mold, I’m sure.

Wish me luck!

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