Name Change

You might have noticed that I changed the name of the blog.

It seems that sometimes, your life changes, and what was your main focus for months has suddenly taken a backseat. Dating in the Meantime was initially meant to focus on time spent trying to find Mr. Right. But we all know that when you’re looking for something, you’re unlikely to find it. No more. Dating sites weren’t working, and I can’t deny that it was partially on me.

Yo-Yo dating an ex interfered with potential partners online. I passed up a couple of great men because I wasn’t ready. I’m probably still not ready.

Right now, I’m focusing on me, and living every day doing the things I want to do. Some days it’s hanging out with friends. Other days it’s staying home alone and figuring out the next thing to do with spray paint. Or taking out aggression on bathroom walls that need to be demolished.

The ultimate goal in my life isn’t finding Mr. Right. My goal is ongoing: I want to be happy. It’s something I’m working on every day. I have good days and bad days.

I’m not seeking out someone else to make me happy. My happiness is on me.

So here I am. Maybe when you need a break, you’ll find a new post from me. Just a little something to focus on in the meantime.

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