A Home of My Own

This is my bathroom.

This is a legitimate “small” bathroom, not like those bathrooms “small bathroom makeover” websites would have you believe is a “small bathroom.” They would like you to believe that a small bathroom is still large enough for two elephants in the bathtub. They would be mistaken.

A legitimate small bathroom has 20 square feet of floor space. TWENTY square feet, people. This is how it looked when I moved in, four years ago. What you can’t see in that photo is that the floor is painted. Painted matte tile. The paint stayed intact for about 5 minute before it started chipping, especially underneath the bath mat, where the floor is damp longer. In about 10 minutes one day, I chipped the paint off of a 1-foot square area with just tweezers. That spot lives under the bath mat permanently now.

Or, I should say, semi-permanently. See, I’m getting a new bathroom. Wait, I’M GETTING A NEW BATHROOM! It’s important, so I had to yell.

That said, do you know how much thought goes into taking your bathroom down to the studs and starting over? It’s not just the obvious, like the new toilet (mine is seriously more than 50 years old), tub (it’s rusted through) and sink (ugh for the scallops). There’s also new fixtures for the sink and tub (which currently drips), a new medicine cabinet, figuring out storage (uh, because that cabinet less than an inch away from the medicine cabinet is NOT staying), finding a quieter fan, considering replacing the swinging door with a pocket door and the tile.

Oh, the tile.

Dear lord, do you know how many tile options there are? And I’m just talking about the affordable tile. It’s completely overwhelming. I’m a box-of-8-crayons kind of girl. Give me eight options and I can color all day. But don’t even think about the box of 96; I’ll spend hours choosing between blue-violet and red-violet.

A few of my inspirational choices are below, found on Pinterest.

This is the exact layout of my bath. I love the bars under
the sink to hang hand towels on. But not my favorite.
Just thinking about the wall color here. Kind
of a robin’s egg blue. 
This is my favorite sink. Wall-mounted to free up
floor space, plus a towel bar. I also love the tall faucet.
Gray tile to the ceiling above the tub. I don’t like the
dark gray tub, but the dove gray tile is gorgeous.
The dove gray tile is gorgeous! None of the rest of this
bathroom, though. Dove gray with a color accent,
like maybe something with robin’s egg blue.
I have a window in my shower, but it’s currently tiled completely. I would love this with vinyl trim.
I HATE this color, but I love the idea of inexpensive white tile with
more expensive tile accents. Might cut down on costs.

So now I wait for the estimates to return from two contractors, both of whom plan on emailing me this week. I didn’t get an initial estimate from the first contractor, but the second told me to expect it to cost between $5K and $9K. Yikes. I was anticipating the low end. However, costs can be cut by doing some of the work myself. I forgot to tell the second contractor that I am interested in doing some of the work … like demolition. What? Who wouldn’t want to take a sledgehammer to the floor and walls they’ve disliked for four years.

Oh, I forgot to mention why I’m going all out with the remodel. Why go down to the studs and even remove the subfloor? Let’s start with the floor. It was tiled directly onto the wooden subfloor in 1954. I guarantee, without even looking, that it’s rotting. And I know there are spots where the tile is no longer attached to the floor. But I have been reluctant to look.
As for the walls, well, those are not original. And they are NOT well done. You can see all the cracks at the seams, as well as nail heads. Oh, and lots of places where the wall isn’t plumb. Like behind tub, where it looks like there are two rows of tiles. Turns out it’s just layer upon layer of plaster where there’s a huge wowie in the wall, so that tile could be laid on top of it.
Really, I’m looking forward to the demolition. I want to see what’s under there, though I’m a bit scared. I fear black mold. I fear more rotting. I fear a humongous nest of silverfish. 
But I can’t wait to get started. Now, how long did you say I’d be without a toilet? Maybe I’m not that excited. 
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  1. carlyraesays says:

    I am loving that grey tile! That would look awesome in your bathroom – especially with all the natural light coming in!

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