Fun With Spray Paint, Part II

It all started with my mom cleaning out her attic. She bought the house a few months ago and was surprised to discover a pre-made yard sale stored throughout the house. And in that pile was a package of three canvases. Two 1″ thick canvases and one 2″ canvas. 
I saw this Pinspiration. My supplies were slightly different, however. I had the acrylic paint from a mug project (tiny amounts, though, of all but black and white). 
The first canvas was painted entirely with spray paint. I bought Aqua Rustoleum as well as the Copper seen in all of the artwork. Then I went hunting for leaves. 
The right and center prints are actually from the same tree, one which is larger than the oak trees in my neighborhood, but I have no idea what it is other than it sheds these “leaf” things every year and makes a huge mess in my back yard. 
I was so pleased with the aqua results, I started on canvas No. 2, the yellow one. I mixed what little yellow paint I had with white, then used a foam brush to paint the entire canvas, sides included. The branch is from a neighbor’s tree, and I smooshed it for an hour or so to flatten it out. Then I took it out back and pushed it onto the now-dry yellow canvas, and spray painted the copper straight down onto the canvas. I tried to keep the spray paint straight down to avoid any overspray on the edges. 
Canvas No. 3 was painted light green, then I used an entire branch of the “leaf” things to spray. Again, straight down. I’m not sure why the middle one doesn’t look green AT ALL, but it is. 
They aren’t perfect, but I think that’s why I like them so much. Plus, my kitchen wall really, really needed artwork. 
P.S. The aqua one is my favorite. Don’t tell the other two.
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