Fun With Fabric


I’ve spent a couple years gathering random fabric from estate sales, yard sales and fabric stores. Sometimes I think, hey, I can make a skirt out of that. Sometimes I just think, ooh, pretty! And have to buy it. So, I have a couple totes full of fabric … and no plans to make anything.

Then I came across this fabulous plan from the purl bee. So I started searching for embroidery hoops at estate sales. I lucked out at one, where I got all seven hoops above.

Purl suggests gluing the excess fabric down inside, but I rather like the idea of being able to switch these out with new swatches anytime I want. So after placing the fabric inside the hoops, stretching out the material to eliminate wrinkles, I just trimmed the fabric almost flush with the backs of the frames. It’s unlikely I could reuse the same fabric with the same size hoops again (it would be difficult to center with the fabric trimmed so short), I could definitely size down.

Unfortunately, I don’t think these would look good hanging on the wall just yet. There aren’t enough. Time to keep looking for  more inexpensive hoops!

BTW, the pink/black one is my favorite by far!

I’ve put them on the wall! I figured the bedroom was a better location than the kitchen. So here’s a closeup and the whole wall.

I was told it looks like the solar system.
Yay for electric blankets!
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