Back After Nearly Two Weeks?

So what does it mean when you decide, after a week and a half away, to log back into and discover the last person to view you was the guy you went on a date with nearly two weeks ago. The guy who, when you texted him “thanks for the coffee,” he responded with “you bet” and you didn’t hear from him again?

It was a great coffee date. We never ran out of things to say. I didn’t want to take out my phone, but I’d forgotten about movie plans with a friend (female friend) just two hours after I was meeting him, and I got a text from her that I had to answer. Did I screw it up? Because I really hate when people text on a date. I apologized, but was the damage done?

He didn’t say anything about a future date or seeing each other again, when we hugged goodbye. We had hugged hello, too, so I didn’t put much stock in the gesture. I didn’t get a good vibe from him for the future.

But then again, I’m the one who suggested coffee after texting for nearly a week with no indication of plans from him. So maybe I should have been the one to continue the conversation.


I messaged him on Match to ask about his new house. Neither one of us loved Match and dating, but we both wanted to meet the right person. Maybe we just didn’t recognize when it was actually good.

We’ll see if nearly two weeks was too long to get back in contact or if he thought the connection was there, too, and was just waiting for me.

We’ll see.

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