Why Coffee?

You might start out with a wink. Then it’s a few messages back and forth before numbers are exchanged. Then it’s a few texts or phone calls before the inevitable “let’s meet” arises.

So what do you do? Is it really a first date? Or just a first meeting?

More often than not, you choose to meet over coffee or drinks. It’s low-key. You’re obligated to a single beverage. And hey, if it’s coffee, it comes in a handy-dandy to-go cup! You can escape anytime!

There are some people out there who abhor the coffee/drinks date. They consider it a cop-out. You know who these people are? They are the ones who delight in awkward conversation. They like watching their companion squirm over uncomfortable silences. They are the ones who set up the first date to be dinner “and.” As in dinner and a movie. Or dinner and drinks. Or dinner and billiards. These are the ones who get an obligation out of you and barring an emergency phone call out of relative, these are the ones you are stuck with for several hours.

Stick with coffee. Coffee can turn into an “and” if it’s going well. If you’re in a busy area, some coffee shops are right down the street from restaurants and bars and yogurt shops. There are endless options after coffee! The best option if it’s not going well? Home. And if it’s going really badly, there’s the take-a-circuitous-route-because-dear-lord-this-guy-is-a-stalker option.

Really, who wants to be stuck at dinner “and” with a stalker?

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