Here’s the thing: Love is a bit of a miracle. How else can you explain when two people out of billions are in the same place at the same time, feeling exactly the same thing about each other.

Sometimes one person is in love with another and she doesn’t love him back. Maybe eventually she will, but maybe she won’t, and that love will eventually fade away.

But how can you know based on a single date. You spend an hour or two together and one person decides that’s enough. You might have spent a week texting and actually caring about that person, but then you meet and … that’s it. It it based solely on looks? Because unless you find that person utterly repulsive, then you can’t call it after one date. Yet that happens all the time.

I’m guilty of ending all contact after one date. I admit it was partially based on looks. His photos were all distant, and yeah, I guess that made him a bit of a Monet (thanks, Clueless). But there were other factors. He was very hands-on. And unless you know that the person you’re with is also a hands-on person, then hands off. He also kissed me and tried for tongue, but dude, no. This was someone I’d spoken to NOT AT ALL before the date and had only exchanged emails and a few texts. Keep it simple, guys. First rule: no tongue on the first date.

Then there are people who are in and out of your life for years. People you’ve loved and they’ve loved you. But the problem is, it’s never at the same time. What do you do? Do you wait until you’re both in the same place at the same time, feeling exactly the same thing about each other? How do you make it happen? Or can you?

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