Fun With Yarn

Black Friday off means getting great deals on yarn … on Thanksgiving Day. Michaels had a coupon for 30% off your entire purchase (including sale items) that was good for Thanksgiving Day only. The perfect option for after you’ve gobbled down all the turkey and stuffed yourself with dessert, that is, if you can still move.

Originally, I had bought this large cardboard H to spray paint it with metallic paint. Unfortunately, this just made it look like spray painted cardboard. So … yarn.

Easiest project in the world. Tape down one end (scotch tape holds wonderfully on cardboard), then start wrapping away. The middle is wrapped both horizontally and vertically. I suggest starting at the bottom, then when you get to the crossbar, shoot up to the top (with two quick wraps around to get to the right spot), then wrap back down toward the middle. Once you’re back to the middle, shoot two quick wraps around to the right side, then two more down to the bottom so you can wrap tightly back to the center. Skip again to the top once you reach the center, and wrap back down to the crossbar. At the crossbar, wrap tightly across the entire H, then you’ll take care of the crossbar with vertical wraps. Then finish with a knot you can tuck under the yarn.

Why this method? The letter looks great from both sides this way and can be displayed anywhere.

I’m left with just one problem: The top of my letter is copper. Any suggestions for jazzing that up?

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